The stuff I won’t publish on the blog? The things I won't say on Instagram? The stories too personal for Snapchat? They'll be in your inbox once you follow the sign-up link in that button right over there. I mean, my filter is pretty wide open. So you know the blog-by-email stuff has to be good.

I'm Krissie.

I'm a yoga teacher for the unlikely yogi. I want to show you how to connect with your body without expectation. I want to teach you that you are trustworthy and enough just as you are. And I believe this starts with building a true and respectful friendship with our bodies.

I'm a coach, but my style fits in a lot of bins and no real bin at the same time. I want to help you live in your life. I want you to see that you can be at home in your life while still moving closer to the person your heart wants to be.

I want to be a catalyst who brings intention, focus, and gentle challenge into your daily life.

I want your life and your body to feel lived-in. Inhabited.

You can do amazing things. And you can do them with a sense of ease. I know because I work with ladies like you. And I've seen wonderful things happen. Over and over and over.

I help you see what is right in front of you. I help you find your own answers by asking different questions. I lead you back to you.

Krissie’s voice is refreshing and honest, real and motivating. She cut through the clutter in my head and helped me evaluate myself from a different place. My experience with her was energizing! She is sincere and knows just how to help you be both brutally honest yet graciously kind to yourself at the same time.
— Angie from Kentucky

Yoga for you. And for your body.

You can't tie yourself into a pretzel. You aren't super flexible, or super thin, or super young. Guess what. Neither am I. And I'm here to teach you yoga.

You bring a mat, your curiosity, and your patience. I'll bring my yoga knowledge, the props, and my therapist heart. I think we'll make a good team.

I offer both in-person and on-line yoga classes.

Coaching for you. Where you are. Where you want to go.

You want to be somewhere different than where you are. It may be health. Or self-care. Or relationships. Or money. All you know is that you're not happy where you are. We can figure out a path to where you want to go.

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