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Welcome to THE STILL.

The Still will open in mid-October.

Beneficial. Practical. Realistic. Sustainable. Graceful. Fulfilling.

We think that the life we want to live is so far away from our current situation. But if the Fab Five have taught me anything, it is that small shifts make the big difference. The life we want feels far away, but it is closer than we think. And also that we need lots of support to believe in ourselves and make these changes.

And that is why I have created Be Inhabited. This is a Membership Group where we will practice hope, presence, and a little discipline to shape the individual world we live in. We will learn to curate lives that are lived-in. Not magazine perfect lives. We won’t create habits because think we should do them. But we will learn to shape our thoughts and behaviors in a way that support a lived-in and content life.

This membership group is for those of us that create and abandon habit trackers (and judge ourselves for it). That buy book after book after book that we don’t get around to reading (and feel guilty about it). That throw away spinach every single week (and vow to do better). That just feel like something is missing.

That something is inside of you. And together, we’ll bring it out.

What you’ll get:

  • monthly video teaching on the monthly theme (20 minutes or so)

  • monthly video yoga class (20-30 minutes)

  • monthly video guided meditation (10-15 minutes)

  • monthly video breath work practice (5-10 minutes)

  • monthly group discussion call to discuss what we are learning and where we need support

  • a private Facebook group for support and frequent (maybe daily?) card pulls

  • and who knows what may be added as we get going and find new or different needs

Monthly Themes

We will be working first through the yamas and the niyamas with one focus per month. (It is okay if you don’t know what that means.) I anticipate us taking detours here and there, but the themes for the first few months look like this:

  • May - self-care rooted in compassion and Kindness

  • June - Building our relationship with Truth

  • July - Recognizing and allowing Abundance

  • August - Meeting yourself Where You Are

  • September - Exploring Ritual (bonus theme)

  • October - Finding Joy in the Process