In Person Yoga Classes

Beginners/Foundations Series

This is the only chance you’ll have in January and February to practice with me in person! Here’s what you need to know:

• Beginners/Yoga Foundations Series
• Saturdays at 9am beginning 1/19
• The @mcteggartky studio over on Lansdowne
• 6 week series. No drop-ins.
• 1 hour class, PDF of what we did in class, audio recording of guided meditation each week
• limited to 12 students
• $75 investment

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An overview of my classes...

We will start with a few minutes of getting quiet and playing with breath awareness. Next, we’ll warm up our bodies slowly and with a focus on where the practice is going. We may spend more time on our hips, our shoulders, or the sides of our bodies depending on what we are exploring that day. Then we’ll get a little more active. We’ll explore movements seated, on hands and knees, and standing (most of the time, but not all of the time). We’ll explore our strength, our flexibility, and our balance. We all have different abilities. Some of us are stronger, some of us are more flexible, and some of us have better balance. By exploring all three in each class, we all have a chance to acknowledge both our successes and our challenges. After we explore these things in our bodies, we’ll find a few shapes to calm our bodies down and then we will lay on our mats. I will talk you through a guided meditation and then invite you to lay still for several minutes. This time in our final resting pose (Savasana) allows our minds and our bodies to integrate and process the previous hour of practice.