In Person Yoga Classes

An overview of my classes...

We will start with a few minutes of getting quiet and playing with breath awareness. Next, we’ll warm up our bodies slowly and with a focus on where the practice is going. We may spend more time on our hips, our shoulders, or the sides of our bodies depending on what we are exploring that day. Then we’ll get a little more active. We’ll explore movements seated, on hands and knees, and standing (most of the time, but not all of the time). We’ll explore our strength, our flexibility, and our balance. We all have different abilities. Some of us are stronger, some of us are more flexible, and some of us have better balance. By exploring all three in each class, we all have a chance to acknowledge both our successes and our challenges. After we explore these things in our bodies, we’ll find a few shapes to calm our bodies down and then we will lay on our mats. I will talk you through a guided meditation and then invite you to lay still for several minutes. This time in our final resting pose (Savasana) allows our minds and our bodies to integrate and process the previous hour of practice.

Curvy Yoga at Ageless Yoga Studio

Mondays at 7:30pm // $18 drop-in

In Curvy Yoga, we work toward allowing yoga to be a place where we can experience encouraging curiosity. We use our yoga mats as a sort of science lab. We try different poses and different shapes. We figure out ways to get from Point A to Point B in ways where we feel safe and stable. And we learn to remove judgement and self criticism from this practice. We allow ourselves to be amazed at what our bodies can do, while still learning to work within our own individual limitations. And, the really fun thing is that we get to watch how our limitations change as we commit more time to our exploratory practice. Curvy Yoga isn’t something you graduate from. Curvy Yoga is a type of class that teaches you how to connect with, appreciate, and work with your body without having the intention to change your body. You are perfect as you are. And the more you connect with yourself and your body, the more you can accept this truth. Curvy Yoga is a style, not a level. All experience  levels - from absolute beginners to experienced yogis - are welcome.

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Yoga Basics at Ageless Yoga Studio

Wednesdays at 7:30// $18 drop-in

This 8-week beginners series takes you through all the basics - sitting, standing, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, balance poses, relaxation intensive, and more! You can start during any point of the series. It doesn't necessarily build from class to class, but through the 8 weeks you'll get an overall idea of the physical practice of yoga. Questions are always encouraged before, during, and after class as the goal is to build both your skill and confidence in your yoga practice. Absolute beginners are always welcome.

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Yoga for All the Feels at Ageless Yoga Studio

Mondays at 6pm// $18 drop-in

This is my newest and most favorite class to teach. We build emotional resilience and regulation by building an awareness and relationship with our bodies. So what does that look like? A 20-minute guided meditation. A 20 minute simple movement practice (usually 3-4 poses that you flow through at your own pace). A 20 minute silent seated meditation to allow our minds and bodies space to process and integrate. This class is different and very special. Absolute beginners in yoga and meditation are always welcome.

Visit Ageless Yoga Studio's Website to pre-register (not necessary, but definitely encouraged)