In Person Yoga Classes

Curvy Yoga at Ageless Yoga Studio

Mondays // 7:30pm // $18 drop-in

We've got the props, the encouragement, and the invitation to experiment on your mat. All that's missing is you!  Each week, we will guide you through a practice with thoughtful instruction and support to help you connect with yoga safely and at your own pace. We’ll use physical movement along with props to help you develop strength, balance and flexibility but also help reconnect the mind and body; all while within a fun, friendly environment and comfortable atmosphere. Join us for a rejuvenating and restorative practice complete with modifications for all body types.

Visit Ageless Yoga Studio's Website to pre-register (not necessary, but definitely encouraged)


Online Only Yoga Classes

Yoga for Tuning In

$50 for 6 Class Series

This package includes 6 classes, each 75 minutes long.

Would you like to be better friends with your body? To know more about what she is trying to tell you? To feel like you and your body are part of the same team?

In this series of six classes, you will:

  • learn how to find the best expression of yoga poses for your body.
  • identify and respond to what your body is trying to tell you.
  • find joy and contentment from moving your body.

You will receive a link to six video classes that are yours FOREVER.

Intro to Yoga

$25 for 4 Class Package

This package includes the first 4 yoga classes that I recorded straight out of yoga teacher training. I still love these sequences. Each class is 75 minutes in length.

Graduation Yoga: We focus on creating openness and space. Warrior I flow.

Liberation Yoga: We focus on letting go of fear and embracing possibility. Warrior II Flow.

Allow Your Shoulders to Open: We focus on releasing the stress in our shoulders and upper back. And by opening our shoulders, we also open our hearts.

Release Your Desk: We focus on on releasing the tension your body feels from sitting all week. And we'll leave that annoying co-worker behind, too. Physical effort is in the hips, hamstring, and calves.

You will receive a link to a video classes that are yours FOREVER.