Yoga for All the Feels - RAIN

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Yoga for All the Feels - RAIN


This is Yoga for All the Feels. The class consists of three parts. (I'd like them to eventually be in equal length, but that's something to work towards.)

  • Guided meditation focused on identifying and processing emotions.

  • Short and simple yoga flows  practiced on your own breath and at your own pace. 

  • Short meditation to relax your body and allow for time in silent integration.

This class is an AUDIO RECORDING. First, because that is easier technologically. And, more importantly, it would be really awkward for me to sit still 2/3 of the class on video.

I will also be including EXPLANATION OF THE POSE FLOWS (just three different flows of two poses each). I'm not sure if this will be video or still photography or stick figures or something else. But there will be explanation of the flows for you to see so you will be familiar before you start the audio. I have also designed these flows so that no props are needed.

This class will be around ONE HOUR. I very strongly suggest practicing the entire  class at once. It is designed to be practiced together. Although, if you do have to break it up, please practice it in order and as closely together as possible.

This class will be for sale Wednesday, July 25 - Friday July 27. That's it. It'll show up in your inbox on Saturday, July 28. Once it is gone, it is gone! 

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