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The holidays are stressful. Everyone knows that. And tensions are running particularly high now, am I right?

Join me in taking 10 minutes a day - just 10 minutes - to focus on yourself. Put your oxygen mask on first. Take the deep inhale.

But what does that look like? What can you actually do?

For four weeks, you will receive five 10-minute videos each week. A meditation, a simple yoga class, a breathwork practice, a self-care suggestion, and a holiday-themed practice. I'll send them all in an email each Sunday, and then post daily reminders Monday-Friday in our secret Facebook group.

Ten minutes a day. To get centered. To remember. To find ease and connection with yourself.

Join us.

Emails/Facebook only - Sunday email with links to all videos. Facebook group with reminders Sun-Friday

Coaching add-on also includes two coaching calls (Skype/Facetime/Phone) and weekly email interaction on non-call weeks.

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