Finding Space

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Finding Space


Finding Space is a six-week yoga program to help you find and take up space. Space in your day. Space on your mat. Space in your life. On your terms.

Beginning August 28, you will receive a week's worth of practices each Sunday morning for six weeks via email. Links will go to video classes that are yours FOREVER. 4 10-minute classes, 12 20-minute classes, and 1 hour long practice. Over the course of the week, we will practice and process together. Yoga classes, journal prompts, and a private facebook group just for this class will be yours to keep and revisit after the course itself is complete.

In this six-week series, you will:

  • learn the basics of yoga
  • explore the best version of poses for your body in each practice
  • play with taking up the space you deserve, both physically on your mat and with increasing the self-care habit of a consistent yoga practice
  • receive journal prompts to continue thinking about the emotional aspect of the classes between sessions
  • be invited to a secret Facebook group to process as we practice together
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Each week's practices present a different theme including

  • Finding Space in Your Day
  • Finding Space in Your Home
  • Finding Space in Your Body

Classes include

  • Finding Space in Your Morning
  • Finding Space in Your Ribcage
  • Finding Space for Calm
  • Finding Space for Stillness