Coaching Offerings

happyHEALTHYholidays 2.0

begins November 27

The holidays are stressful. Everyone knows that. And tensions are running particularly high now, am I right?

Join me in taking an average of 10 minutes a day - just 10 minutes - to focus on yourself. Put your oxygen mask on first. Take the deep inhale. To enjoy the season instead of just surviving it. By connecting with yourself as much as you connect with others.

What can you actually do to connect? How can you invite emotional health and happiness into your holiday season? What would that look like?

For four weeks, you will receive five videos each week. A meditation (around 10 minutes), a simple yoga class (around 14 minutes), a breathwork practice (around 10 minutes), a self-care suggestion (around 5 minutes), and a holiday-themed self-connection invitation (around 4 minutes). You will receive each practice in a text message (or email if you life outside of the US or prefer email) each Monday through Friday morning.

Ten minutes a day. To get centered. To remember. To find ease and connection with yourself.

Join us.

Two options are available.

  • Videos only for an investment of $35 (that's $1.75/day).
  • Additional one-on-one coaching (Videos + 2 coaching sessions + 3 text message check-ins each week) for $155.



New Year's Reunion

coming in January

This year could be different. This year could be THE year. The year that maybe - just maybe - you offer yourself the olive branch. This could be the year that the goal will be self-kindness, self-acceptance, and building a friendship with yourself. A reunion of mind, body, and soul. 

Information coming soon.

Creating a Lived-In Life

Coming in March

8 weeks of learning to live in your life. Self-paced course.

8 modules. 1 video lesson, 7 journal prompts. 15-minute call in each module.