"Krissie will look at you with fresh eyes, speak to you with a wise voice, and guide you with warm and capable hands. She will not overcomplicate your life; she will help you see it more clearly. She will make changing your life fun and miraculous and exciting. She will change the way you think about yourself and how you live your daily life."

~Ashley S, Augusta, GA.



Let's talk about you. You and your body. How do you get along? How well do you know her? Because, seriously, she knows you. She has so much to teach you about yourself. She is eager and willing and wishing for your friendship.

Over time, you will learn how to respond to what you are feeling. You will welcome input from your body instead of ignoring her. And you will respond to her needs from a place of love and support, releasing restriction and punishment.

You will learn what self-care is, identify your self-care needs, and experiment to create routines that work for you.

You will learn how to feel, welcome, and respond to your body's urges for rest, movement, nurture, and celebration.

We will use coaching techniques, meditation, breathwork, and yoga (whatever holds your interest) to promote self-acceptance and release shame.

We will work on whatever you bring to the table - career, relationships, creative endeavors. We'll make whatever arises and is important to you a priority. And I will teach you to notice information from your body and use this information as a tool to help guide your choices and teach you what you already know.

And I would like to offer you the chance to take that look inward.

Intro Session + All Krissie All the Time

You'll get Krissie interactions 3-4 times a week. This is intense and lots of fun. We'll meet in person, by phone or via skype so I can learn all about where you are coming from. We'll have two 45-60 minute sessions per month in person, by phone, or via skype. I will text or email you 3-4 times a week to follow up. You can email or text me as often as you wish. This plan requires a three month commitment with $250 being billed first month (initial session and two regular sessions) and $225 each additional month.

Let's get started. Fill out this form to set up your intro session. I'll send you a link to my schedule ASAP.

I look forward to meeting you, or having you back!

I currently have space for 5 new clients. First come, first served. So don't dilly dally. Commit to yourself. 

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