A Little Leaf Meditation

This meditation is one of my favorite meditations. During this little 10-minute invitation, I'll encourage you to go a little deeper into your body and your thoughts. And I'll teach you a way to start to let things go. Our minds are made to think, our bodies are made to have sensations. But, just for this time, I will invite you to notice and release all of these things we notice. And just become still and peaceful.  

You may notice my cat causing tripod earthquakes. And you may notice that I am incredibly awkward when I'm being still and silent. But hopefully you won't notice either because hopefully you'll have your eyes closed! 


Are there pieces of your life that you want to shift? Do you desire self-care and self-affirming rituals? Do you need to feel less pressure to be someone different and just really step into your life? Are you ready to really feel like you and your body are on the same team and on the path to awesomeness and ease?

Let me help.

I am primarily looking to fill lunchtime sessions. Regularly scheduled 30-minute sessions between 11:30am and 1:30pm Eastern Time. We can talk about evening sessions if that's all that fits!

Packages also include email checkins between sessions OR the option to have me just a text message away.

Please feel free to comment here or email me (krissie.bentley@gmail.com) with any questions. I love taking about what I do and about what I think WE could do.

Packages start at $75/month. More information (and the form to get started!) can be found by clicking the COACHING tab up top.

Maybe more isn't the answer

Some of you (maybe even most of you), know what it is like to start getting older. 

I've noticed in the last few months. Especially in my face. I can deal with my skin seeming a little looser. I'm even okay with my constant need for lip moisturizer. But I felt like just as I was truly getting comfortable with wearing absolute minimal makeup (a smidge of bronzer on my cheeks and mascara), my skin started to rebel.

My cheeks were so red. I looked flushed all the time. After about a year of not wearing makeup and getting comfortable with it, I was suddenly uncomfortable again. Not because there was anything wrong with the redness, but because the face looking back at me wasn't the one I had adjusted too. It was just different - different enough to make me aware.

I spent my holiday bonus from work (a $50 Amazon gift card!) trying to find the answer. I bought masks and peels and washes. I read reviews and looked at all the screenshots I've taken of things Jessamyn and Dana have talked about. I went back through my text chain with the FatCamp Braintrust. And, just a few days ago, a box of face products (and two books) arrived at my door. 

I got busy. I haven't used any of them. But I did have a few dollars left at Lush after buying my necessity. So I bought a $10 bar of my old face soap. You know, that soap I used for years until about 6 months ago when I couldn't justify the expense and I didn't trust myself to go to the mall.

I used the soap this morning. One day. And I can tell a difference. My face didn't like the face soap from Trader Joe's. But it likes Lush.


I'm sure I'll use all of the masks I bought. But I'll use them as a treat instead of looking for a solution to a problem.

This got me thinking about the New Year. About how maybe new/more/different isn't the answer. Maybe the simple solutions are right in front of me. Maybe I can just worry less and just be kind to myself. Maybe it isn't about clay masks or peels in an egg. Maybe it is just about a bar of gentle pink soap. 

I have two actual resolutions this year. 

1. I will do less anxiety math. This is a very simple solution for me. When I get anxious? I open up the calculator on my desktop computer. Let's see exactly how much money we'll have left over after we pay the bills, spend our average on groceries and gas. Then let's go 2 weeks out. And then 4! Let's do the math and see how it will shake out if I lose a client (or two). Okay. Then I start to panic. Okay, now what if I do that yoga series I'm thinking about. How much would I need to charge and how many people if I needed to make up for losing 2 clients? (WHICH I HAVEN'T LOST!) See? This spiral is insane. And it can go on for hours. And it is incredibly counterproductive. So in 2017? Less anxiety math. I am committing to not worrying about finances more than a month out (I didn't say not planning or being responsible, I said not worrying). I'm not going to obsess over PTO time or hours I spend doing offerings or all of those things that I project and never turn out exactly as I figured or don't really matter because I can figure out how to juggle it anyway. Less anxiety math.

2. I will finally get a tattoo. I think I have picked out my first one. Simple. Clean, thin lines. Super representative of my last few years. I want a super detailed hamsa one day, but I don't think that's where I should probably start. 

Kindness. Not looking to fill with more. A bar of pink soap. Less math. And a flower on my foot. 

Let's do this, 2017.

the Desire Map and my Body.

I'm not being paid for this in any way, just so you know. My links are not affiliate links. I just think Danielle Laporte is just the sh!t. And my spirit animal. And my Patronus. 

I have worked through The Desire Map about a dozen times. And every time, I think the same things.

I already know of all of this. I'm not going to learn anything new about myself.

I already have my Core Desired Feelings. 

I already know how this works. It is too predictable and I'm going to get stuck.

And then BAM. She gets in my head and I get out of my head and magic happens.


I have so much swimming in my head right now that I wanted the process, but working through the actual book seemed like too much. I got the email for the 2017 Goals with Soul package and I was like "yup, that's for me." I sat down with my phone, my headphones, a few pens, and my bullet journal. And, after a few lunch breaks, I had 2017 all figured out.

But what struck me more than figuring out the direction for 2017 was the radical shift in how I feel about my body.


One of the exercises in this process is looking at where you are dissatisfied with different areas of your life. I rocked through most of the categories, seeing so much opportunity for big change and little tweaks. I was able to see where things fit together and where positive change here could impact positive change there. And how neglecting my spirituality was impacting my lifestyle. All of the bells were going off. In unison. It was a little amazing.

But then? Body and Wellness. And I was stuck. Honestly. Where am I dissatisfied? What do I want to change? I came to a full stop. I sat back in my chair. 

Zilch. Zip. Zero. Nada.


If I had decided to make New Year's Resolutions, they probably would have all been in this category. I would have said that I wanted to run a half marathon again. Or maybe master a yoga pose. Or maybe be vegan for a month or hit 10K steps every day or take my lunch every day or be more disciplined with my self-care routine. 

But nope. I am not dissatisfied with my body or my wellness right now. I initially thought that maybe it is because I have more pressing concerns, maybe I am in denial.

But the truth? I am in a good place.


I practice yoga every day. I eat (mostly) intuitively. I walk a few miles most days. I take my vitamins most days. I drink a lot of water most days. I do a lot of *mosts.* And that is enough. That is PLENTY. And I am satisfied.

I know this probably sounds like I'm bragging. Like I'm saying, "SEE! LOOK WHAT I DID!" But that's not the case at all. What I'm saying is that I assumed I was dissatisfied. I assumed I was frustrated. I assumed I wanted more.

When the reality is that I AM OKAY. I am PLENTY.


Where are you making assumptions? Where are you assuming that you are unhappy or unsatisfied? Where could you really just be OKAY or even PLENTY and just. It know it yet? 

When you start to tear yourself down, ask

What do I think I am I missing here?

How would this really change my life?

How important is this REALLY?

Is this true or just a leftover thought?

Can you allow yourself to see your okayness? Can you allow yourself to back out of empty struggle? Can you stop being dissatisfied just out of habit?

Are you willing to try?

handmade holidays from my home to yours (or your loved one's)

Prayer flags are hand-sewn in my cat-friendly home. Sending intention and beauty from my sacred space to yours. Two sizes in each color. Free US shipping. Shop will close for Christmas on 12/19.



in the yamas: Aparigraha

As we continue our Konmari work, I have been curious where her ideas best fit within yoga philosophy. Aparigraha is the concept of non-attachment and non-hoarding. And, literally, I think that represents so much of our work to free our home from unnecessary possessions. Most of the focus here tends to center on money and posessions, but it also speaks so much toward goal pursuit and self-acceptance.


This process has been clear in my life with the purging of our posessions and our financial reign-tightening. But I also love the next steps that both Konmari and Aparigraha present. By having less preoccupation with our possessions, we will be more conscious about our spending. As I continue the practice of having a place for everything, I have caught myself asking "Where will I put this?" if I consider making a purchase. I have asked myself if I really need something that I desire (like that adorable water bottle I put back at IKEA).  I can see my tendency to impulse buy decreasing as I question the need and the use for items. And it is so refreshing to make buying decisions from a place that isn't financial while still being financially sound. My mind is pretty much blown. I am not as attached to money as a number or self-defined by what I do or do not have.


I also love what Anna from Curvy Yoga is teaching here about Aparigraha. She broadens the concept to include being unattached to the results of a process and instead softening into it. I want to better my health, but am not attached to reaching a certain weight. I want to build my coaching business with as much effort as I have to give, but be open to - not obsessed with - what comes next. I love what she says about anchoring in the beauty of the process and not the outcome. Thinking about my pursuits this way is so empowering. I do what I can do, I work to my best effort each day (Lenten promise keeps going!), and then I roll with what comes next. Without being caught up in stats beyond a weekly check. Without stepping on the scale every day. Without worrying about what happens next. Giving my best effort and having non-attachment with the result.

I'm not here yet. I still catch myself creating long-range money plans and "if I eat this way I can make this much progress" plans. But having an awareness of my connection to results is helping me turn that part of my brain to a more peaceful place. I am starting to think about those results thoughts as the clutter that I cleared out of my house.

I have to let them go.


Eunoia started today, but it isn't too late to join in! You can read today's email here (to get just a taste and see if you're interested!). You can find more information - including registration information - here.

what I've been up to

Geez. I have been absent from here, haven't I? It isn't for lack of focus, my friends. I have just been very, very busy. Here's a snapshot of my life right now. First, I got these in the mail today. I couldn't be any happier. This makes me feel super duper legit. A huge thanks to Cassie for creating something so beautiful for me.

I spent the last week on vacation. I was there to cheer as my sweetheart came across the finish line at a marathon. I ran 2 completely pain-free 7-mile runs. I did lots of yoga on the deck of a beach house. I worked a lot, but I also spent some serious quality time with some crayons and a Christmas coloring book. I totally fell in love with the Niece all over again. Seriously, this kid has my heart. (And this was the only day we weren't in sweatshirts - we got lucky the first day.)

So talk about "busy" and "work" on vacation? Yup. I worked really hard on this:

I'm running a challenge over on my coaching website to help us stay focused on ourselves and our health over the holidays. I am so excited to see what comes out of this challenge. It isn't free, but the winner of the challenge will win the registration fee back, and it will double if 3 more people register. I'm excited to have done this over my vacation - and that Cassie designed the printable as well! Registration is open through Tuesday, so check it out!

I'm not that excited to go back to work, but I am very excited about where things are going for me in general right now. Very excited.

Thank you for coming along with me!