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I was reading back through these posts and realized that I really haven't told you a lot about what exactly I'm doing with my coaching business. Sometimes it is easy for me to get caught up in the busy-ness. In the early mornings and the busy weekends. I love it so much that I can forget that it is work. I can forget how far I've come. The fact that I love it so much? This is what solidifies for me that this coaching thing is totally my sweet spot.

This is where I belong. This is my soul's work. And I'm gonna tell you all about it.

square logoI am offering a lot of different things right now. I'm trying to figure out what works. What feels good for me and my clients. What I want to build and what I want to let go.

One of the items I offer is the stand-alone Contentment-Building Discovery Session. This is a 30-45 minute call (phone or skype) where we talk about areas in your life that give you a discontented feeling. We process these lacking feelings, build your contentment and awesomeness, and set a few action items. These calls are offered as I have time for them in my schedule, and I offer them as a free session (a $75 value). How do you know if I am accepting discovery sessions? If that link is active. If it is dark, my schedule is full. If I'm scheduling session, it is live. Easy as that.

Always on the table are my coaching sessions and accountability services. I love this part of my job. We set goals and then follow-up as often as you want. I can harass you by text messages. And I will. And I seem to pop up when you least want to see me.

My favorite piece right now, though, is my monthly offering. I don't do a special program every month, but I do quite often. This month (and next month because I love it so much), I'm running beFULL.


beFULL is different than anything I've done before. beFULL isn't an accountability challenge. We work together to recognize and build strengths, identify and challenge fears, conquer your nagging thoughts, and start to reframe and rewrite your story. I send daily mini-journal prompts that we discuss in coaching sessions, text messages, and as a group on the facebook page.

This program is my favorite monthly offering so far. I cannot tell you the joy I feel watching my friends bloom. And we still have another week!

I am running beFULL again in August because I love it so much. And because I believe you will too. It will be the only time it is offered until the spring (because, boy, do I have plans for the fall!). I asked current participants for a few words about the program and was so humbled by the words that came in. I don't just say this because this program is mine, friends, but I think this is good stuff. And I think my passion for helping others find their best selves shows.

The beFULL daily sessions have slowly changed my life.  They are thought-provoking and have really helped me discover my true daily needs.  For me, it is to live a peaceful life. A life with out pressure and stress, one with warmth and self-care.  After several weeks, I'm now subconsciously making decisions that bring me peacefulness. Whether its a evening walk on the beach or an hour of journaling;  it's really helped me focus on having a positive state of mind. ~Lynn from Canada

Click over to the beFULL page to read more about the program and see what other participants are saying so far. 

So I apologize if this is coming off as a plug. Maybe it is. But all I know is that I am passionate about what I'm doing. And I want to be passionate about this blog space again. And I want you guys to have the full picture of what I'm doing. So here I am - trying to bring it all together.

If you want more information on what I'm doing, you can visit my coaching website. I also send out a monthly newsletter (to go out tomorrow!) that you can sign up for here.

enjoy Nebraska

I love when my clients teach me things. Love. We were chatting a few nights ago and started talking about how easy it is to get so excited about where we are going that we don't take the time to stop and enjoy the moment. It is so easy to not notice the amazing things that are currently happening because we are so excited about the amazing things that will happen next.

I see that a lot in where I am professionally right now. I want to be a coach as a career, not just a side business. I want to take my message to the masses, not just because I want the money but because I think people can actually benefit from my attention. I want to make a zillion phone calls a day and write for a million different blogs and get my message out of my head and into your hands.

But I'm not there yet. I'm no where close. Although I think I have my message figured out, I am still struggling on how to package it, how to make it more palatable, how to make people want to invest in it.

It reminded me of something that Jon Acuff wrote about in Quitter. He talked about how frustrating it was to travel to Nebraska to do speaking engagements. He'd have small crowds. No one would know him. It wouldn't be a productive trip. But what he gathered from the experience was to enjoy Nebraska. To thrive in the moment that you were able to take to figure it out and to play. To enjoy the time before things get too serious. To look around and pay attention and to enjoy the moment where my audience is small enough that I can screw up without ruining my business.

And I'm trying. I really am. I am loving every stinking minute of what I do, but I'm finding myself frustrated in the lack of time I have to do it all. I'm struggling to find the mix between what I need  to do and what I want to do with my time. I am trying to slow down and enjoy it. To see today for what it is worth. And to also believe that there will be a time when what feels so small now will truly lead to something big.

So I'm taking the time to make sure that my heart is plugged in to each of my client calls. I'm plugging my heart into my own training schedule. I'm making sure that I am building my offerings in a way that is most beneficial to my clients and not what is convenient for me. I am washing my car and painting my fingernails and checking lots of things off of my super summer goals list.

I'm trying to pay attention and enjoy today. And still be a smidge dissatisfied with it so that I continue to push and grow. But just a smidge.

Today, my little-Nebraska-sized corner of the internet. Tomorrow the world, right?

What do you need to slow down and enjoy?

May Cause Miracles - my thoughts (so far)

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” A Course in Miracles I’m a huge fan of Danielle Laporte. (Note to self: Write up Desire Map review.) So when DeeLaP (that’s what all her friends call her, right?) recommended Gabrielle Bernstein’s May Cause Miracles, I had to jump at the book. I was looking for something to work through. I am at a point in my life where I can fall prey to anxiety and overwhelm, but at the same time I feel like the things that are happening in my life are magical and methodical.  So, yeah. I have room for more miracles in my life.


I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the book once I got it. I flipped through and thought, “Uh oh. This feels kinda woo-woo.” And, as touchy-feely-all-about-feelings as I am, I don’t appreciate out-right woo-woo. I typically don’t like the God/Universe/~ish/Higher Power lump either. So I had to make the decision to edit as I was reading and note-taking. That really helped. Otherwise, I just put my judgment aside and decided to jump in with both feet.

I am so glad I did.

The basic premise (which sounds basic but is so hard to implement) is that in every situation, you have two options: to see love or to see fear. To see an obstacle or to see an opportunity. Choosing fear creates all kinds of negative emotions. Choosing love (or sometimes I interchange love with grace) creates peace and connects us to God (however you define God), our internal truth, and the world around us.

Something she wrote early on smacked me in the face something fierce. She writes about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance as an altruistic measure. She says that by showing love and acceptance to ourselves, we create an internal environment that leads to projecting love and acceptance to the world around us. How can we expect to be successful members of a well-functioning society when we aren’t able to be kind to ourselves? I can’t tell you how far my stomach dropped when I read that. So it isn’t realistic for me to expect that I can best help others when I have a negative self-talk loop in my head, is it? That called me to the carpet and made total sense to me. I will be better able to help others become focused and peaceful as I become focused and peaceful. Wow. Boom.

And that is just the groundwork for working through daily projects. Each morning starts with a daily reflection and affirmation. I set an alarm on my phone for every two hours throughout the day to remind me of my daily affirmation. In the evening, there are some follow-up questions and an evening meditation. (Again, I am not woo-woo and I am enjoying these.)

The daily tasks are organized in weekly topics: identify fear, self-love, food/body image, relationships, finances, and being a miracle worker in the world. I have just started the relationships chapter, but am already looking forward to going back and spending more time in the body image material when I complete the program.

Because I feel this book is so challenging, I knew right away that I wanted to use it as the text in a group coaching setting, but I wasn’t sure at what point. I thought I would at least finish the book first. But as I started thinking what I wanted to do for a Lent challenge, this book just kept creeping back up. It challenges your perception of the world, both internal and external. It encourages connection to whatever version of God/Universe/Higher Power/~ing you identify with (if any at all). It is just very well suited for Lent.

So that’s what I’m doing over at Committed Coaching. It shakes out like this:

  • Challengers will work through May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein as a group. You will be able to discuss and work through the book on a private facebook page, which I will moderate and participate in.
  • You will receive a weekly reflections newsletter to tie up the end of each section of the book (on Sundays). I will offer additional insights and challenges on each topic in the book (general outlook, self-talk, body image, relationships, finances, serving others).
  • You will receive a printable to track your progress on your Lenten promise. (It is designed by my sweet friend Retta and it is bee-you-tee-full.)
  • Those registering for the full experience will receive frequent texts from me (3-4 times a week, if not more often) to hold you accountable to your Lenten promise, to process any feelings uncovered by the text, and to provide feedback on the reflections.

Details of the challenge:

  • The challenge will begin on February 13th and end on March 31.
  •  Registration will close February 11 to allow time for us to discuss your Lenten promise.
  • You will be required to purchase May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein (it is currently $12.99 at Amazon). I will not be sending the affirmations, reflections, or meditations from the book in any format. This is like the text book for a class. One that you will really have to read. You will need to have your book in hand and ready to roll on February 17.
  • I am limiting the number of participants in this challenge to promote positive life fit for me. The challenge may close before February 11 if the course is full, so register early.
  • The cost of the full challenge is $150. This is the typical cost of my accountability coaching alone for six weeks, to which you are additionally receiving newsletters, group interactions, and a printable.
  • The reflection/printable/facebook only option for $75. You will not receive accountability coaching. Fill out the registration form below and I will invoice you through PayPal. Please let me know what questions you have. I look forward to working through Lent with you.

Feel free to comment here with any questions. You can click here to register.

I am so excited about this. And excited to watch my friends grow. And to check off days on the beautiful printable. Good times all around!

pre-resolution report

We woke up to snow this morning. I decided we'd run tomorrow when the streets are clearer. So I spent several hours this morning, while Nathan slept, with a book, coffee, a lit Christmas tree, and falling snow. It was just a great morning. I'm EATING UP The Desire Map. I'm feeling conflicted between savoring it and finishing it before the new year, though. She's got me doing some work. And I'm being surprised at what's coming out.


Yes. Struggling between savoring and wanting to have it done and beautiful and printables all over everywhere.


I've also been really really busy. Between training groups that start January 1 and the #GrowWings challenge, I'm swamped. But I'm also incredibly thankful and fulfilled. I know that I have to hustle to make this happen. That I'm going to be really busy while I build. And I hope that one day this will be what I do. For a living. And nothing else. And it doesn't feel like work at all, so that helps a lot.

I still have my goals and I think I'm settled on them. This time isn't on the printable (which is gorgeous!), so I just have a handy-dandy spreadsheet.

For this being a pre-challenge time, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Screen shot 2012-12-29 at 2.10.30 PM

Not perfect by any means, but I'm getting somewhere. I feel like I'm easing into this challenge. Like I'm getting ready to take off my training wheels and let it fly. I'm excited.

So much excitement! I feel like I'm just oozing it right now. This is a great time to be me. I truly hope you can say the same.

Speaking of "right now," registration for the GrowWings challenge closes tonight. Well, actually when I wake up in the morning and take the page down. If you were thinking about joining in, the time is now! More info (to save you a click if you're considering)...


We'll start 2013 building healthy habits and setting meaningful and intentional goals for 2013. This will be a highly reflective and introspective process for figuring out what you want to be in 2013 and they motivation behind making changes.

The Committed Challenge for January will help us start 2013 with focus on creating healthy habits while allowing time for purposeful goal setting. We will set four habits – one each in food, fitness, spirit, and space. You will also receive 10 goal-setting newsletters over the month to help set the tone for creating meaningful goals for 2013. Also included will be another wonderful printable designed by Cassie Johnston of Back to Her Roots.

You have two options for joining this challenge:

For $50, you will receive

  • Newsletters and printable.

For $100, you will receive

  • Newsletters and printable
  • accountability coaching from me 3-4 times a week
  • group support in a private facebook group for participants only
  • entry into random drawing for prize that I am still confirming ($30 value)

Click here to register!

looking ahead

I am so excited about the new year, friends. 2013 is going to be such a great year. I thought I’d share a few ways I am celebrating.


I’m working through Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead. I’m loving it. Such a great tool for recognizing where I have been and where I want to go. It is really good stuff.


I’m also spending time with Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map. I’m doing the fun work of boiling down my desired feelings. I’m totally loving it, but it is a labor-intensive process.

I’m working through my pre-GrowWings goals too. I’m planning on getting my laundry under control this evening so I can keep up with it. But I’m rocking my devotionals, food, and running plan. Two days down, the rest of my life to go. I’m excited to have some momentum going as I go into 2013.

So how are you spending the last few days of 2012? Are you feeling recharged? Refocused?


Just a reminder – registration for GrowWings ends tomorrow evening! There are options for printable/newsletter only and for coaching by me! Click over to Committed Coaching for details!