Square Breathing - A Simple Breathwork Practice

I love breathwork. I mean, I LOVE breathwork.

Meditation is a struggle for me. Sometimes yoga feels like something to accomplish. But breathwork? It just IS. It lets me just BE. And, as someone who has struggled with body acceptance for most of my life, I find my breath (when at rest, anyway) a great place to explore how my body works without the fear of judgement.

If you do a google search, you’ll find that there are a zillion different uses for this type of breathing. Square breathing supposedly helps you calm down when anxious, energizes when low, and centers when over-stimulated.

So it sounds like it is a pretty catch-all type of breath practice. I personally find it useful when someone doesn’t come to a full stop at a four-way stop or when my Herschel cat just won’t stop pawing at me and I don’t know what she wants.

This breath is pretty easy to explain.

  • Four counts in.

  • Four counts pause.

  • Four counts out.

  • Four counts pause.

  • Repeat (but feel free to take breaks and come back to the practice).

Another piece of this practice that I love is that you get to decide how fast or slow you count to four. You get to find a pace that works for you. You get to explore your own breath, and by exploring your breath, you get to know your body just a little bit better. I just love this practice.

And I left the original thumbnail because it made me literally LOL.

Breathwork and meditation are just a few of the things that we teach during Resprout.


Resprout is a joint project between me and my dear friend Cassie. Over the course of six weeks, we show you how to befriend and enjoy your body through food, movement, and self-reflection. I am so very excited about this project. We don’t officially go on sale until Monday, July 22, but you can get on the waitlist here so you don’t miss any of the excitement that comes your way!