repetitions and reflections

Do I see because I'm looking? or am I looking because I see?

I feel like that line is a little dramatic. But it gets my point across.

In the fall, I had a lovely snack dinner and nature date with my lovely friend Becks. As we sat beside an amazing waterfall and ate the best curry hummus, we talked about signs and coincidences. Making an offer and receiving exactly the amount of investments I needed. (thank you, thank you, thank you.) Random animal encounters foreshadowing people we will meet.

And I am seeing repetition and coincidences play out again and again in my life. Just in the last few days.

The book Becks gave me after my massage was the basis for the teaching in Week 1 of C-School.

Both (completely unrelated) courses I am taking have used discussions of radio stations as framework for how we can understand our brains.

I talked about compassion vs. empathy on Instagram and then it comes up in a course I'm working through.

Oh! And after spending a weekend completely immersed in chakra work, it comes up in one of the courses too.

So Chakras, Tarot, Consciousness. And they are ALL intersecting in ways that are amazing. And that I never would have predicted.

I'm so curious what will continue to come up if I just open my eyes. If I look for connections. What is waiting for just to see and connect?

What do you see in your life if you REALLY look? Iā€™d love to know.