everything is falling apart. and it feels good.

Things are falling apart.

A spring is coming out of the bottom of our living room chair.

There is a hole in the seat of the couch.

Our bed is lumpy and creaky.

Both of my phone charger cords have done that thing where the cover has split and the wires are now visible.

My black pants have a hole in them. And so does Nathan’s favorite brown hoodie.

We are getting to the point where we need to replace things. Things need to be done. Soonish.

There was a time - a year ago, maybe - where this would have sent me into a tailspin of worry. I would have seen a list of needs that I didn’t know how we would meet. I would have felt a sense of lack and fear and disappointment that I wasn’t able to provide for our needs.

But now? Things feel different.

New things are coming.

I’m in no rush. The couch is still fine. I just threw a blanket over the seat. The bed is still fine. The chargers still charge. And without pants, I just wear more dresses (which I prefer anyway). There is no rush to get any of these things. If they were a need, we could meet it.

But who knows. Maybe I’ll get a new phone before the chargers stop working. Maybe we’ll decide to paint before we get a couch/bed/chair. Or maybe we’ll put down hardwood. Or maybe we’ll get a new house. I don’t know.

I do know that I don’t feel a rush to go out and get new things. I feel like this is a time to sit tight.

New things are coming.