So when I spoke, I would know it was truth

My word for 2017 is UNFURL. To me, unfurl means being 100% Krissie. Letting my light shine – bright and strong – no matter the consequences. To let people see me – the real me – all of the time. I have had Words of the Year before, but I have never felt so sure. So grounded. So positive that the word is meant to be my True North.

When I heard about a job that seemed perfect for me, I kept UNFURL in mind. As I edited my resume to fit the specific position. As I wrote my cover letter (in the style of this amazing wisdom from Alex Franzen).  As I interviewed three separate times. I was All Krissie All the Time. I was honest in times that it might not have served me. I was just…free. True. Me. Not hiding, not inflating. Just me.

I was zero percent surprised when I got the job. Zero. There was a part of me that knew from the moment I applied that it was mine. It just felt right. And things fall into place for me. Not always exactly what I want, but enough to take care of me and my responsibilities. And my gut said, "This is it."

I am incredibly excited about this position for a lot of reasons, but money is a big one. For those of you that have followed me for a while, you already know that work and money have been a big struggle for me the last few years. Unhappy, then unemployed, then employed at a much lower pay scale, then unemployed AGAIN, and now employed at a just slightly less lower pay scale. But that all changes. This new position will be back at the same pay scale (a little more, actually) as the position I lost 2 years ago. Everything about this feels right and solid.

And now (well, in 10 days), I am in a position – for the first time in years – where things will just work financially. I won’t have to stir up business on the side to make ends meet. The money I bring in through my soul work of yoga and coaching will be money that we can enjoy – vacations, dinners out, weekends with my FatCamp girls, yoga trainings – not money we need to make the car payment. I won’t have to figure out how to make things work, they just will. I won't have to put the weight of responsibility into the work that I love. I can do it because I love it, and the income will just be gravy. 

And the liberation that comes with that? I don’t even know how to explain it.

Except maybe by saying that I want MORE.

One of the things that I speak about often when I talk my students into Savasana is linking their breath to what they want to experience. Peace. Stillness. Contentment. Love. The inhale feeds the feeling, and then the feeling spreads on the exhale. And I want Lent to be one giant inhale. A clean, pure, peaceful inhale. So that over the rest of the year, I can continue to unfurl while carrying this peace and calm.

I have decided to give up social media for Lent. (GASP!) All of it. Facebook. FB Messenger. Instagram. Snapchat. Twitter. Everything. They will all be removed from my phone Tuesday evening. I am so excited (and a little terrified) to take this opportunity. But because I am no longer doing social media for a living and I’m not trying to drum up business or launch a program, this seems like the time. I am at a space where I can do this with little consequence. I am nervous, but I know I need this. I need a break from producing content, or feeling like I should be producing content. There is a line in an old Peter Mulvey song that says, “I’ve been so long silent so that when I spoke, I would know it was truth.” And that’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to what I have to say, or how I change the ways I say it, at the end of my social media silence.

Also worth noting, I will not be blogging during that time either (not that I’ve been posting so much lately anyway).

So what if you want to contact me?

  • You can email me at
  • You can see my daily yoga practice uploaded weekly on Vimeo. I don’t consider this content production or social media because these are records I keep for myself. I upload them here every week to free up the space on my phone. I am also making a commitment to not interact in the comments.
  • If you are Lexington Local and want to practice with me, keep up with Granola Culture on Instagram.
  • If you have my cell phone number, feel free to text me! I will probably get lonely without the constant interaction.

So yeah. That’s it. I’m intending to get another post up before Tuesday about my inner guru (KrissieLou Bergquist), but I’m not pressuring myself. Maybe she will be truth I write about when I return.

Have a lovely week. A lovely Lent. And I look forward to having a clear heart when I return. And I really look forward to telling you all about it.