What are Krissie's yoga classes like?

I taught my first class two years ago this month. (How is that really possible, friends?)


I love creating sequences and playlists and choosing quotes to share. I love all of the logistics that go into planning a class and also teaching a class.

But I learned a few months ago how I want a class to FEEL.


When the Election went down, I knew my class the next day would be a charged class. No matter what the outcome. The studio owner and I decided that the class would be free. An Election Hangover Class. And, friends, it was packed.


Because it was so charged, and because I knew I would probably have supporters of both sides in the room, it was very important to me that I structured a class that was both healing and joyful. That I created a space that was hopeful but still held space for mourning. I created a class that held more space for self-connection. A class with more introspection, more breath, less movement. But left room for curiosity and amusement.

And it was during that class that I realized that is how all of my classes should be. 


Since that class, I have held to that structure. And this is what you will receive if (WHEN!) you attend an in-person class with me.

Centering and Opening Quote

I start each class with a chance to get quiet and settle in. We spend a few minutes in a comfortable seat getting comfortable with our natural breath. I will invite you to release your day and be present in this moment only. I will introduce the theme of the week's class, give ideas of how you can apply the theme to both your physical practice and your thoughts, and share a quote that resonates with the theme.



I am so so glad I have integrated this into our classes. We spend a few minutes allowing the theme to swirl around in our awareness while we learn to manipulate and control our breath. Sometimes we count our breath, sometimes we pay attention to the physical act of breathing itself, and sometimes we play with a mantra and linking it to the breath. This is quickly becoming my favorite part of class.



This, my friends, is where we move. We'll warm up, usually including lying, seated, and tabletop poses. And then I'll guide you through standing poses using lots of instruction and the use of blocks to help you find your expression of the pose. I say standing poses, but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes we sit and stay in tabletop most of class. Sometimes we spend most of class in some form of a lunge. But I can almost guarantee that each class will have a low lunge, a child's pose, and a standing wide-legged forward fold. Otherwise? It varies. We don't do downward facing dog in each class. We don't do Warrior 2 in each class. We don't even do tree in each class (although we do tree A LOT). I'll settle you down a little (usually with a seated forward fold of some sort and a few stretches on our backs) and then we'll get all the props and settle into our comfortable final relaxation position. 

Guided Meditation and Savasana

Okay, maybe this is my favorite part of class. I'll spend a few minutes helping you relax. You may take an elevator into your belly, you may watch leaves float by on a stream, or you may watch a white light start in your belly and grow and grow and grow. You'll lay in stillness (unless you have to scratch something or sneeze or something) and I'll watch over you. I'll remind you that your breath is all that matters. And you'll rest.


Closing Quote, Blessing, and Closing Breath

I'll slowly bring you out of your rest. I'll share a quote. And then I'll invite you to come back to a seated position. Together, we will send peace, health, and ease to ourselves, each other, and all others that we know and do not know. I'll lead you in a breath we all take together. And then you get to take your yoga bliss back home. I usually hang around for a bit after class in case you have questions or a story to share. 

If you have been thinking about joining me, I'd love to see you. If you have any questions or lingering fears, please comment here or email me at krissie.bentley@gmail.com. 

You can see my current teaching schedule by clicking the YOGA tab above.