How I will UNFURL

Earlier this week, I told you about my word for this year. And now I want to tell you what I want to do with it.

I’m not talking about things I want to master or goals I want to reach. But I do have a few ways I want to embody UNFURL.


I want to be unafraid on my mat. There are poses that I stay away from because they scare me. Even though I have memories of just popping into a few of them at Yoga Teacher Training. Because I was with trusted friends. Because I knew I had support. But I could do them then. And now? I am stronger and more flexible and I have a much stronger practice. Again, I’m not looking to master a pose. I’m just looking to be unafraid on my mat.

I want to dream scary professional dreams. I want to think about what could be possible. I want to work really hard without attachment to the outcomes. But I want to be honest about my potential. I want to stop thinking, “I’m not smart enough to do that” or “I am not enough of an authority to do this” or “No one will listen to me.” I just want to DREAM and DO and BE.


I want to be more honest with my self-promotion. I am always afraid of pushing people away, of people getting tired of me selling things. But I heard Shenee talking the other day about there are two ways to promote – grow a huge list and have small conversion percentage OR build a small and devoted group and have larger conversion percentage. But both will get a similar overall result. So I am just going to write and advertise without fear of pushing people away because the people that I may push away aren’t my people anyway. I want to listen to my voice and project my voice. Because I have a voice. And I like it.


I want to finally get a tattoo and have a kick-ass topknot. So, yeah. I kinda have two actual resolutions. And there they are. The tattoo I REALLY want is big and ornate and may not be the best place to start. So I have a couple of ideas of small and simple tattoos as a starting point. I have also told myself for years that I can’t have long hair as I get older. I’ve also told myself that there’s no reason to have long hair if all I do is wear it up. Both of these concerns have no merit. So I’m gonna let my hair grow. And I’m not going to feel bad about putting it up or feel like it makes me look like I’m trying not to mature. I’m gonna have a topknot like Liz, friends. Just you wait.

I’m excited to see how UNFOLD shows up for me this year. Especially considering that last year’s word didn’t resonate with me after January.

Did you choose a word for this year? How are you living into it so far?


Are there pieces of your life that you want to shift? Do you desire self-care and self-affirming rituals? Do you need to feel less pressure to be someone different and just really step into your life? Are you ready to really feel like you and your body are on the same team and on the path to awesomeness and ease?

Let me help.

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Please feel free to comment here with any questions. I love taking about what I do and about what I think WE could do.

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