Coffee Date (just like Cassie)

One of my favorite blogposts to read EVER EVER EVER are the coffee dates from Cassie at Back to Her Roots. As I read her most recent one, I thought about what I would tell her if we had coffee today. She knows a lot of my stuff already, so I decided to sit down with you.

Iced latte in hand (as always), I'd grab a seat inside because DUDE it is hot. You'd join me with your fruity iced tea, and we would be off.

You'd say you have noticed that I have been on a lot of trips lately. Yes, yes, yes.


Nathan and I joined my parents, my brother, and my niece last month in the Outer Banks. I don't know that I have ever needed a vacation more. We spent time on the beach. We took a ghost tour. My brother tried to lure seagulls into my car. We played a gross Jelly Bean luck-of-the-draw game. We cooked big meals. I practiced on the beach. It was one of the greatest weeks I've had in years.


Then - not even two weeks later - I headed to Cumberland, VA for Fat Camp 2016. I spent a long weekend sunning and drinking and eating with Miranda, Tina, and the Ashleys. They fed my belly and my soul and my spirit. It was also the first time I have done yoga on a floating dock. It was super fun, but I was super sore. Totally different type of practice.


And then, Nathan and I spent this past weekend in Asheville. We wanted to celebrate how well we managed the past year (it was such a challenge) and wanted to mark the changes. It is the last weekend I'll have open in months so we didn't want to put it off. It was a last minute trip and I could not be happier that we went for it. I don't even have words to begin to explain how much I love my husband and that town and the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn. It is just like we belong there.

We'd talk about your upcoming vacation, the people you love, and one of us would get up to get glasses of water. (Thank you!) And, because it is what we all do, conversation would turn to work. You'd say you know something was up because I've been vague about specifics, but the transition is obvious.

Yup. Changes are here.

Right before I left for Fat Camp, I was laid off on a Tuesday. Like out of the blue. I still had 2 weeks of work left, but the end was near. When I say God stepped in, friend, GOD STEPPED IN. I left work early that day and started applying for jobs. Out of the blue, I messaged an old colleague who worked for one of the companies. She said she'd let here boss know. So Wednesday morning, I get a phone call from her boss. And Thursday morning, I have a phone interview (because I was on my way to Fat Camp). And the day after I get back from Fat Camp, I have a job offer. If I hadn't been laid off even one day later, the position would have no longer been available. I would not have had the opportunity to even apply. Timing, friends. Timing was perfect.

But there's got to be a catch, you say. I mean, things work out for you, but there has to be something.

Yes, there is a catch. I am incredibly qualified for this position. It is work I know well and work that I know I enjoy. And it is very close to the salary I had when I was laid off last time (just 13 months ago). But it is evening shift. Friday through Tuesday. So I'll be working weekends and evenings and weekend evenings. This means that Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, I will not see Nathan awake. This hurts my heart and terrifies me a little, but people manage much worse. This is a season. This is getting my foot in the door. This just means that our time together will be more intentional and not sitting in different chairs watching @Midnight. It will be okay, right?

You'll reassure me. You'll talk about hard times in your relationship and how the days were long but the years were short. You'll remind me that we can have lots of lunch dates and that I can get my hair cut during the day and maybe even a massage here and there. You'll remind me of how much I love my morning time, and I'll reluctantly agree.

You'll tell me all about the PhD program you are looking at. And the books you are reading. And your love of Moby's Long Ambient: Sleep album. Yes, yes, yes. We'd pull out our phones and share pictures - your kids, my cats - and go on and on about how much we love them. We'd talk briefly about yoga - just long enough for you to celebrate that I've almost made my 365 days of yoga - and I'd apologize for needing to skip out. Nathan will be home soon and I need to soak up every. single. second of him before I start work next week.

We'd hug - long and strong. I may tear up a little because it has been way too long. Three months since I've been here. Too long. I'd promise to see you soon. And I hope I could keep that promise.