the *one* word

I was starting to gather my supplies and hunker down to do the work.

I dug out last year's Unravelling from Susannah Conway.

I bought and printed the Desire Map 2017 bundle.

yoga pink scarf

I was ready to dig and uncover and get my hands dirty to find my word for 2017.

But then it hit me. It just hit me.

Nathan and I were driving to a Christmas tree farm. We were singing along with the radio. I wasn't even thinking of anything in particular. And it hit me.

cat yoga pink scarf


It is undeniable. It is what I need to do. It is what I am ready to do.

And I am terrified.

I will dig and uncover and get my hands dirty, friends. But it isn't about finding the *one word*. It is about what comes next. It is about living it.

yoga twisted gate

And I'm almost ready.

But even more? I'm terrified.

Stay tuned.

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