Why I talk about ME.

Okay, friends. I feel like there is an elephant in the room. Or at least an elephant in MY room.

The elephant that kept me from writing. The elephant that I feared made me appear self-obsessed or super disinterested in anything but myself.  

When I write, I talk about me.  

I read a lot of blogs and articles. And in the self-help/coaching/yoga world, I see a lot of writing about you. I see what you feel. I see how you will change. I see what you should know and how you should feel and what you can do to get this.

But, you know what? That isn't me

I was trained to not make any assumptions about you. You are the expert on you

All I know about my experience is about me. I can tell you what I have learned and hope that it will spark something in how you will think about you. 


All of this to say please don't let my navel-gazing come off as self-importance. All I know is my story. And what I do know about your stories is private. It is in the vault. It is between me and you. Your process is your process and it isn't my space to either talk about it or make any assumptions. 

I am making a very conscious choice to not talk about you or we because I just don't know. And the last thing I ever want to create is a feeling that you may not belong in my WE. And when I do talk about us or you, I will throw in a sometimes or a maybe. Because I don't know. I want to know. I want to share. I want to make you think. But I don't know. 

There. Now that's out of the way.  

And now I can write.