making my own joy, thank you very much.

Like I said in my last post, I'm feeling really disconnected from the holidays this year.

We didn't go home for Thanksgiving. I don't spend much time with a lit Christmas tree (since I'm at work in the evenings). Church is really hard with my sleep schedule. I've missed a lot of parties and I'm going to miss several more.

So what do I do? 

I throw my own party.


I could have kept feeling super sorry for myself. I could have whined and cried and felt devoid of joy. (And, honestly, I still do sometimes.) But I grabbed the bull by the horns, my friends. I did what I could.

Nathan set up a party for a Thursday evening. Mid-week wasn't perfect for a lot of people, but they made it work. And we ended up with 20 (TWENTY!) people in our bitty house on a Thursday evening. 

We at chicken and dumplings and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and roasted squash and salami and crackers. We drank bourbon and mulled cider and iced tea. 

I spent an evening with a huge chunk of my friends. It was amazing.

And all I had to do was ask.


So those things that I feel I am missing. How can I ask for them? Where are they present if I just let someone know I need them? How can I take more responsibility for my needs?

And how can you?

And, while you're here... a holiday gift idea! More colors and sizes available under FLAGS.

Prayer Flags - Brave
from 19.00

Prayer flags represent the tradition that the wind carries the intention of the prayers to all. These flags were created to carry bravery from my home to yours.

You know where you need a little extra reminder to be brave. It may be a new project, personal or work. It may be a chance you are taking in a relationship. It may be a move or an investment or a song. Allow these prayer flags to infuse your space with bravery and strength.

Colors :: yellow. aqua. pink.

Inspired by and gifted to Cassie, at the start of our exciting adventure.

These flags are not carefully measured. They will ravel over time. They are hand-sewn with love in my cat-friendly home.

Big Flags :: Flags measure 5x7 inches. Set is 6 feet long. $25 (free US shipping)

Small flags:: Flags measure 2.5x3 inches. Set is 4 feet long. $19 (free US shipping)