You are trustworthy. Full stop.


So here's what I want you to know today friends. You are trustworthy.

Your body is trustworthy you just have to know how to listen.

I think that lack of trust is why so many of us are afraid of the phrase self-care. We are afraid that if left to our own devices, we will do nothing but lay on the couch, watch TV and eat a bunch of Doritos (Cool Ranch, of course).

I think there's a point, deep down, where our bodies know what's best for us. And if we approach ourselves from a place of love and attention, we can get the answers we need. And the answers we receive will be good for us.

Yesterday I was super tired. I laid on the couch. I watched a lot of American Horror Story Roanoke. (Loved it!) And then I went to work. I went to work rested. I got a lot of stuff done. I was looking forward to having a true weekend day today.

I ran a few errands. Then I got my coffee and sat in front of the tv. I turned on Parenthood - not really interested. How about Orange is the New Black? First commercial break and I was done. Maybe SVU? Nope. None of my regulars were doing anything for me.

I decided that maybe -just maybe- I wanted to shave my legs today. But, of course, I'm out of shaving cream. I could've driven to Meijer, but it is just a little more than a mile away. I decided to walk.


And then when I left Meijer? I wasn't done. For the next 90 minutes, I took every possible longer route. I walked around the assisted living neighborhood. I walked around the industrial loop. I walked around the Shetlands. And then I took the trail home.

I took a super long walk. Not because I felt like I should. Not because I set out to walk 5 miles. But because it's what I wanted to do. It is what my body wanted. And my heart too. 

I feel like I get it. Like I am starting to live in this place where I know that I have my own best interest at heart. It's not about schedules or plans or a ton of discipline. It's about knowing that each day, my body will tell me what I need. I'm trusting myself and my body to let me know when it's time to be active and when it's time to rest.

But now? It's time to shower before I teach yoga. It's warm out there for October.