Day 47 - writing has been a challenge

So I've been wrestling with my lack of writing here. I have been trying to figure out what my deal is. I love writing. I have the time. But it just isn't happening as consistently as it used to. And I think I've figured out why.

I write for work. A huge part of my "real" job is creating content - articles and social media content - for a running store. So that is where a lot of my brainstorming and writing energy is going. I have that outlet for a lot of the energy and focus that I used to bring here.

 Recent Instagram posts

Recent Instagram posts

I write on Instagram. In the past, I would have little ideas and jot them down in a notebook or in my phone. And those little thoughts would have been teased out and tended to and developed into a blogpost. But now, they go out over instagram in the moment. I have a thought. I take a picture. I share my thought. And I move on. Sometimes I use Instagram as a place to deposit ideas that I plan on returning to for the blog. But it doesn't happen that much anymore.  Maybe I feel like I spoke my peace/piece (I think both work) on my Instagram post. Maybe I have a shorter attention span for ideas. Maybe Instagram feels like enough. I don't know. But I adore that platform. You can follow me here. And if you aren't on Instagram? You can still visit my Instagram page and see my posts. Just follow the link.

I'm a little stingy with my ideas. I post on Instagram, but I also have a notebook that I'm writing ideas in. And I see that a lot of the things I would want to write about would make lovely themes for yoga classes. So I think that I'll hold on to that idea/story until I have a yoga class put together and then share them together. My thinking has changed from "how can I write about this?" to "how can I work through this physically and build a class around it?"


I'm working through things with asana. I am finding a huge switch in how I work through things. The things I used to stew and write about are now things I take to my mat. I'm feeling critical about my body? My intentions during that day's yoga practice are focused on sending love to myself. I'm feeling out of control with food? My intention on the mat that day is centered on finding balance - that sweet spot where I feel challenged but still in control - and a reminder that I can be trusted if I just tune in. My goal isn't to solve my problems anymore, it is just to trust my own answers and become still enough to find them. And I'm finding that truth now through yoga practice more than writing.

So where does this leave me? Happy. Thrilled that I can feel like I haven't abandoned some part of myself. Thrilled that I can just know that I'm not neglecting myself or this space that I consider oh-so-sacred. I am reducing my expectation to write here to once a week. If I write more often, that's just gravy. But as long as I write for the blog weekly, I will consider my work here a success.

Want the amount of Krissie that you are used to? Follow me on Instagram. Take a yoga class with me - either online or in person. I am teaching two new classes - Sundays at 7pm (JRWS at Palomar) and Tuesdays at 7:30pm (JRWS on Ashland). And I'm looking to add a morning class or two in mid-September (after CAMPBLOGGIRLS - HOLLA!!). Click here for schedule, pricing, and packages.

And keep your eyes open for a coaching + yoga program coming in October. It is going to be this lovely opportunity to choose your own adventure. 6 modules of coaching + yoga class. You can purchase individual modules or the entire package. Just the yoga practice or the yoga practice + coaching prompts. But because of all of these intricate parts, I have to have it all done before I put it up for sale. It is in progress. It is coming. And you are going to love it.

Have a lovely weekend, friends. Namaste.