Day 43 - unfurled

Show up and shine. Unfurled and honest. ~Danielle LaPorte

That quote, friends. That is the quote I wish I had had on my mind as I wrote this blogpost a few weeks ago. I believe I have been living three of the four charges there. I was showing up. I was shining. And I was honest.

But I wasn't unfurled. I was acting and talking, but I was hesitating. I was keeping some things close to my chest. I was curled up. But I spent the weekend working on unfurling.

So here I go.

Starting Sunday, I'm teaching public classes again!

7:30 pm on Tuesdays (starting Sept 1) at John's Run/Walk Shop at South Ashland.

7:00 pm on Sundays (starting Aug 30) John's at Palomar.

And I'm in the process of scheduling a morning class (maybe 2) a week, I'm just checking out people's schedules (if you are local and want to make a suggestion, leave a comment!). Click the yoga tab for more info and to purchase classes or packages.

I'm also this {} close to opening up my next internet-based series - Vital Pursuit. It will be a six classes that you can either purchase one class or a bundle. But purchase all 6 (and practice all 6) and get a special bonus. I have most of the brainstorming done and just have to write it out. I hope to have it open in two weeks.

I also ordered punch cards and new business cards today and I am IN LOVE.

image.jpg are you unfurling today?