I love my new planner. And I will tell you more about it later. But I look at last week, and I can see how unbalanced it is. Top section: real job. Middle section: yoga. Bottom section: coaching.

Yup. It gets pretty sparse as you go down.

And I want you to know that I am working on it.


This week looks different. My editorial calendar is put back together. I'm adjusting to my new (glorious! wonderful! inspiring!) job. I am getting in a yoga teaching groove (and have a chat planned to add a few more classes).

I'm also working on a few big picture items.

I created short-term logo and an internet presence for my yoga teaching practice. My studio-less studio. Say hello to The Yoga Still. Specifically, a thumbs-up on Facebook would be lovely. (FYI - just reroutes to this website. I thought of that!) A part of the welcome celebration is a free video yoga class posted through 10pm Thursday!


I am also gathering all of the material from Courageous Foundation and making the shifts I want before offering the course again in the next few weeks. This is by far my favorite program I have developed. I am super excited to bring it to you again. Keep your eyes open later this week!

It was good to see you again, friends!