Day 13 - the next right thing

There are so many things I want to tell you. So much about balance and joy and intention and commitment. So so much. 

But I have a lot of fear. Fear that I won't follow through. Fear that I sound hokey. Fear that if I speak all of this out loud, it will burst like a bubble. 


All I feel safe to say - in this moment - is that I am making an intentional effort to continuously make the next right action. 

I am asking myself a lot of questions, making choices, and acting. 

Looking at my planner this morning - What are the next right actions I must take today? What is best to wait?  Where would giving myself a break be the right thing to do?

Looking into my fridge - What is the right action for breakfast? What do I need? What do I want? 

As I consider the headbands (and books and business cards and yoga pants) that I think I want - What is the right action? Purchase? Put on a reward list? Put on a Christmas list? 

As I get ready to spend time on my mat - What is right movement today? Does my knee feel okay? What feels tight? How can I bring space there? 

As I think about my afternoon - What is my priority? Do I take my iPad to the pool and work from there? Do I clean my house and work this weekend? Would it be best to find a sunny spot in the floor and take a nap next to my Herschel Cat? Or revisit the pool option but take The Fire Starter Sessions instead of work?

I find that asking myself these questions - and responding accordingly - naturally creates discipline and fosters grace. I'm not trying to make myself fit into a box or a plan. I am trying to create a life - day by day - that feels peaceful and accomlished and inspired

One next right action at a time.