Day 11 - sharing my practice

You know how sometimes you want to keep something close to your heart because you feel like maybe - just maybe - if you say it out loud, you'll blow it?

I don't know how many times I have made a commitment to practicing yoga every day. And then I'll get to Day 3 and something will come up or I'll be out late or I'll be lazy.

Well, today is Day 11. And I feel like it is just natural. It has from Day 1.

I was reading in Meditations from the Mat about how sometimes the furniture of our lives just gets moved around and then it feels much more like home. Sometimes changes feel like a relief. Sometimes we make a shift at just the right time and everything just feels natural.

That is what my practice feels like. Eleven days in and it is just a no-brainer.

But I also know myself, and I know that some days will be a challenge. So I gave myself parameters. My practice must be 20 minutes each day. That's it. And it has to be a combination of breathing and movement. So if I do a low lunge on each side and then meditate for 19 minutes? That counts. If I do a sweaty practice and take 3 deep breaths at the end? That counts. Each day so far has been over 30 minutes, but 20 is my minimum. That is completely doable.

I am also planning on taking video most days. And I will share these videos daily on my Instagram page and on Facebook at The Yoga Still. Every 10 days or so, I'll create a compilation video over on my Vimeo channel. It won't always be possible to take video, especially if my teaching counts as my practice or if I'm in a studio class. But you will get to see my home practices.

It doesn't take a radical act to create lasting change. And my change is coming 20 minutes at a time.