I feel like my life is full of adventure over the past few years. Running. Yoga. Yoga teacher training. Teaching. Losing my job. The perfect job landing in my lap. Uncertainty, fear, excitement, dreaming, adventure.

The perfect job, however, came with new budget restrictions. And that meant that instead of taking our typical anniversary trip to Asheville, we drove a little less than an hour away to Shaker Village to spend one night and celebrate our anniversary.


As we walked down the familiar gravel road yesterday, I felt a sense of ease and peace I have missed. I felt the balance from all of the adventure.

Stability in the hand that has held mine for 12 years (and 4 years before we were married, even). Peace in familiar sights and sounds. Even though I have been to Shaker Village a dozen times before, though, I stopped to take pictures because even though familiar, it is still magical.

Just like my marriage.


Over our anniversary weekend, we went to a birthday party and told ghost stories. We stayed up way too late pulling up 90's songs on my phone and singing in bed. We shared a meal with old friends in their restaurant. We watched a late 80's bourbon informational film on PBS. We drank bourbon and ate bourbon chocolate cake. I fixed the back of his hair. We snuggled on the couch. 

The weekend was fantastic because there was nothing fancy about it. It was typical and familiar and lovely and amazing.

Just like we are.


Happy Number Twelve, Mr. Bentley. And here's to a million more.

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