courageous foundation

Things are finally starting to feel somewhat balanced.

I told you last week that I could see that I was neglecting coaching in the structure of my day. I had found my groove at work. I had found my groove with yoga. But I realized that I hadn't promoted my life coaching in a while. I had become content with my current clients and my current load.

But as I start to see time open up here and there, I knew I wanted to fill that time with coaching. Not with more yoga or more work, but with something I already know that I'm good at. Something that I know I love.

I am very proud of Courageous Foundation. I developed this program when I was figuring out how to bring what I was learning about myself from yoga and applying it to the rest of my life. This course is not a series of yoga classes. Courageous Foundation includes two mini-classes, but the majority of the program is approaching ourselves with curiosity and exploration, and then making intentional adjustments based on what we learn.

Courageous Foundation is a six-week offering full of lessons, journaling prompts, video yoga classes, and facebook chats. We will begin on August 10. This multi-media course is both gentle and world-shifting.

This course focuses on exploring your own inner workings and beliefs around food, movement, and beauty. Instead of creating an entirely new paradigm for yourself, we will learn to start turning in. To act based on what you want instead of what you feel you should want. To make decisions and set priorities based on who you already are instead of reaching toward being someone else. This program builds a friendship with both your body and your inner voice - a friendship of trust and support and a willingness to respond.

You'll receive three activities/interactions a week as a part of the basic program. Videos. Audio meditations. Journal prompts. Yoga classes. Secret Facebook group and scheduled group chats. All sorts of things.

You'll have the opportunity to read, write, listen, watch, move, and still. With as much or as little social interaction as you like. You take what you need, you leave the rest behind. But I'll give you so much, and encourage you to try as much as you can.

There are two options to determine how much attention you want from me over the course.  All of the lessons are included in this program (click for info), but I am offering five spots for the program + coaching (click for info). There’s one for you.

We will use the skills from a fulfilling yoga practice and take them off the mat. We will learn to start to listen to what our bodies need to feel good, when our bodies have had enough, and how to find beauty from within. You don't need to have a current yoga practice for this program - I will lead you from the beginning stages. All you need is a curious spirit towards your body, an internet connection, and a way to journal. I'll guide you through the rest.

I hope you will make this investment in yourself.