holding space

I teach yoga in a private community center on Wednesday nights. I have one friend that I know outside of class, but otherwise the room is full of students that I do not know outside of this room. I do well to keep half of their names straight. It is a beautiful space. The class has such a lovely spirit. And they push me.


Several people come back every week. And still others are there most weeks. I find myself really pushed to keep the class accessible to both the person who has never been on a mat before and the person who I can tell has practiced for years.

It is such a beautiful place to be.

As I settled them into savasana last week (or as I call it in class, "your yoga nap"), I closed my eyes and took my deep breaths. The first time I checked my clock, I looked around and felt almost a sense of panic.

In this moment, I am responsible for my students.

I was in the middle of a room full of people who were vulnerable. Eyes closed. Feet splayed out. Their safety was in my hands.

From my spot, I could see people coming in and out of the mail room. I could see and hear the people around the pool. There was a lot of activity going on and that room was my responsibility. To keep it peaceful. To keep it calm. To keep it safe.

And then I felt something I hadn't felt in class before.

I felt honored to have their trust in their vulnerability.

I have felt honored that they trust me to lead them through a safe movement practice. I have felt honored that they give up an hour during the week to share space with me. I have felt honored that they find my work and instruction useful. But to have their complete trust in my ability to keep them physically safe while they take their yoga nap? That made me fall in love with teaching yoga all over again.

I want to hold space for you. And I thank you for allowing it.

Coming soon: Courageous Foundation.

This program is a six-week offering full of lessons, journaling prompts, video yoga classes, and facebook chats. We use the skills from a fulfilling yoga practice and take them off the mat. We will learn to start to listen to what our bodies need to feel good, when our bodies have had enough, and how to find beauty from within. You don't need to have a current yoga practice for this program - I will lead you from the beginning stages. All you need is a curious spirit towards your body, an internet connection, and a way to journal. I'll guide you through the rest.

Courageous Foundation will begin on August 10. There will be an early-bird registration special running July 17-19. Watch this space for details.