turn, turn, turn

I wish I remember exactly where I heard it, but I don't.

I know I was listening to a podcast, but that is all of the reference I have.

Whatever you are in, it is a season.

If things are hard, they won't be hard forever. If things are great, they won't be great forever. Things are always changing. We are always changing.

This is a season.

I can identify so many seasons in my adult life. The season we lived in the big house. The season I worked with kids. The season we wanted to move to Asheville. The season I trained for and ran a marathon. The season we had a miscarriage. The season I blogged every day. The season I blogged three times a week. The season I became a yoga teacher. The season I faced getting laid off and was financially terrified.

And now we are in the season where everything is peaceful.

Blissfully peaceful.

Not easy. Not hard.

Not without compromise, but the compromises aren't all that painful.

I'm learning about discipline within the context of joy.

I'm learning about making and keeping priorities within the context of the needs of various responsibilities.

I'm learning about cutting the fat and pulling what is working even closer to my heart.

I'm learning about mindfulness in all aspects of my day. I'm learning to use each minute intentionally and with a singular focus, even if some of those minutes are watching Grey's Anatomy reruns.

This is the season that everything comes full circle.

I understand that this is not permanent. Things will change, some by our design and some outside of my control.

But I am taking full advantage of this season.

This is the season that my trunk is full of yoga props.

This is the season where I support the running community without being a runner.

This is the season where I end every day cuddled up to my sweetheart watching X-FIles.

And I am learning what I need for the seasons to come.

Tell me about your season.