This weekend!

I'm not gonna lie. I had a long post in my mind to write for today. But my computer is tied up processing a video. And I really don't feel like typing it out on my phone. So you'll read all about my Erin Condren excitement on Monday. ;)

But I wanted to remind you of two yoga offerings I have right now.


 Desk Yoga is live and in inboxes as I write! One class. $10. Purchase and I'll send to you within 3 hours, unless I'm sleeping. (And auto delivery system will be put in place once my computer isn't busy!) And if you're Lex local, join me in person tonight!


 Yoga for Tuning In starts Saturday ONLINE ONLY and will be taken down next week. I will not leave this series up for sale. Like a coaching offering, I will run it 2-3 times a year.  So if you are thinking about it, don't miss out!

Have a lovely weekend!