just wait.

I spent weeks - maybe months - in a constant state of mild panic.

I'm not ready to pursue yoga full time, so what will I do with my life? How will we pay our bills? What can we do without? What will we have to do without? What if I get a job that I don't like? What if I am stepping backwards instead of forwards toward my dream? What if things are hard and things suck and there just isn't fun in my life because I worry about money all of the time?

But that isn't what is happening.


I am so glad that I took these two weeks between jobs. I have been able to release all the baggage from the old job while creating pages of potential directions for the new job. I am writing yoga sequences and planning coaching offerings. I am drinking coffee, making dinners full of fruit and quinoa, and watching lots of television (ugh, House is an ass).

I'm not good at waiting. Even though I know everything always works out. That's what I know from personal experience. That is what everyone told me. I kept hearing that losing my job would be the best thing that ever happened to me. Over and over and over. But the more numbers I ran in my head, the less I believed that.

The day before my last day of work, I was offered a job over lunch. A job that is perfect for me. A job that comes with a pay cut, but is still totally liveable. It is what I was making when we bought this house. Actually, adding in coaching and yoga income, there is barely a difference between where we are now and my old income.

I am excited to go to work on Monday. I am very excited about this job. I am very excited that what I do for fun has turned into a real job. I am excited to get back into the running community that I love and that was good for me.

I never would have left my old job to take this one. NEVER. The money would have freaked me out. But I can already feel that this is where I need to be.

And it all shook out the day before my last day of work.

So whatever it is that you don't have the answer to? It will come when you need it. Just wait.

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