yoga for you, too

Tell me about your yoga story.

Do you have one?

Do you stay away from yoga because you are too something for yoga?

I'm too old.

I'm too big.

I'm too stiff.

I'm too uncoordinated.

I'm too anxious.

Guess what, friends. I have a class for you.



This is Yoga for You, Too.

This Friday, I will roll out my last Friday class for a few weeks. And it is a class that I should have started with.

In this class, we will focus on basics. I'll teach you how to use props or use household items as props. I'll teach you how to respond to different things your body is telling you. I'll teach you how to determine when your body is telling you to back off and convince you that it is okay to do so.

My goal with this class is to teach you how to begin make your practice your own so that you can walk into any yoga class and find peace and home there.

Because yoga is for you, too.

And if you've been practicing for a while? You never know what you might learn.

There are two ways to participate in this class. The online class is delivered via a video in your inbox. The video is yours forever. To watch as often as you'd like. It will roll out Friday morning.

Or you can come and practice with me if you are Lexington Local. The class will be held at McTeggart Irish Dance Studios this Friday, June 26 at 6pm. This will be the last Friday class I will teach for a while. I am working on new locations and times to teach, but this will be the last Friday for the foreseeable future.

But I haven't told you the best part! (I realize that sounded link an infomercial, but it is sincere. Really.)

I am offering this class as buy-one-get-one-for-a-friend. For the usual $10 investment, you will receive the class for yourself and for a friend. I just need your friend's email at time of registration. Just as you can choose how you attend the class, so can your friend. (For example, you can attend in person and your friend attend online.)

I am strongly encouraging pre-registration for the inperson class as space is limited. I reserve the right to turn away and free friends not pre-registered at the door if the class is approaching full.

You can click the yoga tab above for more information. Or click here for inperson details and here for online details.

I hope to see you Friday!