there's no need to be hot.

Last week, I attended a ground breaking ceremony for the new YMCA right around the block from my house.

Both of those things are pretty sweet.

It was also super hot. And humid. Even at 10am. I think my makeup had melted off before I had reached my destination just a 5-minute walk away. Summer has arrived in Kentucky again.

But I couldn't help but notice a pattern.

Women of all ages who were thin were in cute, short sleeveless dresses.

Women of all ages who were more on the curvy side were in pants and jackets. Yes, friends, jackets. There were a few larger bodies ladies wearing cute summer dresses, but they were under suit jackets or cardigans.

And I couldn't help but be struck by the fact that women who were less comfortable with their bodies were doubling their discomfort by suffering through being warmer.

That's when I realized that I was one of those women. I wasn't wearing a cardigan, but I was wearing a dress with half-sleeves. And I was wearing yoga capris under my dress because maybe it was a little on the short side.

I was not dressing for the weather. I was dressing from fear of being seen. From fear of my skin.

It was hot again this weekend, and I knew I would be hanging out in a warm event space as my beloved participated in an Irish Dance competition. And I made an effort to dress for the situation.


(Woo, that's some wind hair right there.)

I adore this dress from Target (so much that I have three). And - confession - I would usually wear it with either a tank underneath or a cardigan over or yoga capris under (usually 2 of the 3, honestly). To show less skin. To show less of me. To be somehow more acceptable.

But Sunday, I wore just the dress. And no one said anything. No one gave me the "you shouldn't wear that" eye. I wore less clothing. I stayed at a more comfortable temperature. And I wasn't even the slightest bit self-conscious while I was in it. It feels more like covering up is just the typical way I reacted. It was just the automatic behavior.

I'm challenging the automatic these days.

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