my body is a good body.

I know this is something I have been preaching for a long time, but I'm starting to fully feel the freedom of this statement.

My body is a good body.

I believe this. I do. But it has been challenged and stretched lately.

I'm teaching yoga. And, most of the time, I am the largest person in the room.

I'm creating videos of myself teaching yoga. I'm talking about moving my belly and adjusting my boobs in poses and then putting that out on the internet. I mean, people can WATCH ME move my belly a little to the middle.

And I do it. And I'm proud of what I'm doing. Because my body is a good body.


I'm spending time outside. Sweaty, gross time outside. And I'm taking yoga pictures. And I'm walking distances. I'm getting sweaty. In super tight pants. And sleeveless tops.

I'm putting myself out there again as a walker. And I will start seriously running again. No matter the jiggle, no matter how much I have to challenge self-conscious thoughts. Because my body is a good body.


I have taken a job with a running store. In an industry full of thin and athletic builds, I am working in a running store. And I am wearing shorts to work. There is nothing wrong with these legs. They are strong. They can carry me a considerable distance. And, in the past, they ran a freaking marathon. They can support me in Warrior I for days. They love a wide-legged forward fold. My legs are awesome and they deserve to be free and to breathe. I wear shorts to work because they seem to be the dress code. And this is okay because my body is a good body.


When I bought shorts the other day, the word freedom immediately came to mind. And that is when I decided to cut my hair off. In the same way that my legs were trapped by pants, I felt that my entire self was being weighed down by my hair. I think I used my big hair as a distraction. Like it balanced me out, like I wanted to be in proportion. That my big hair was needed to balance out my bigger body. And I decided no more. I don't need my hair to hide behind. I don' t need my hair to be my defining characteristic. I can just be me. So the hair is gone. And, just like my legs felt in shorts, my neck and my shoulders feel free. I don't need all of that hair. I don't need to hide behind anything. Because my body is a good body.


And so is yours.

Where do you need this reminder today?

Where can you be kind to yourself today?


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