I taught yoga the other evening at the end of a very long day. Car key pandemonium. A very hot walk. A lot of screentime for the new job. A challenging yoga class, including schlepping 3 loads of props in and out of my car and the basement.

And when it was all said and done? 

I got out of my car and just sat on my front stoop.  

My heart was clear. No anxiety, no fear, no hesitation. 


Only joy. Peace. Gratitude.  

This is my moment. This is me. 

This is joy. 

Want to be a part of it? 


Allow Your Shoulders to Open. This 75-minute yoga class focuses on shoulders and chest. For those of us who hunch over computers or steering wheels. For those that carry babies or boxes. For those that carry stress in our shoulders. And for cell phone neck. Class is on sale now - close to immediate delivery in your inbox or in person with me this evening if you are Lex Local. Info at the yoga tab above

Have a lovely weekend, friends!