the new job

A long time ago in a galaxy that now seems far away, I led a running group for women.

For a few years, I traveled in a pack. A pack of LexRunLadies (and a few dudes).

LexRunLadies was me. It was my baby. I did it all: organized the runs (sometimes 4 a week), wrote or asked for content for the website, managed all the social media, designed (or paid for the design) of tshirts. It was a full-time job that I did for free.

Until my body started to rebel at 40-mile weeks. Until I asked for help and the help didn't come through. Until I was getting asked to do more and more with less and less help. So I quietly pulled the plug. I stopped posting. I stopped running. I just stopped.

But I had built a reputation and a lot of experience. I had obtained my RRCA running coach certificate. I had built a community. And a lot of people in the community still know my face and my name. I maintained relationships with a lot of people - those that kept running and those that didn't. And, somehow, once I thought I was forever on the outskirts of the running community, things circled back around.

In a turn of events that is just too crazy to be luck, I have found myself working for our local running store. This store supported me and LexRunLadies in so many ways several years ago. I have worked with the store in the past as a consultant for a race they manage. And now I find myself doing the things I was doing for LexRunLadies - but as a job. I'll be maintaining website content, all of the social media, and various events. I think we have 3 lined up already. I cannot wait to see what I can build and what I can glean. I'm learning all about Periscope (and am totally enamored), but still don't quite understand the ins and outs of SnapChat.

But the two days I've spent on the job so far? Friends. I'm loving it.

I actually touched a horse. Granted, it was a tiny little horse. But his name was Rowdy. That's got to count for something. And, next week, I'll pet a big horse.


And Day 2 on the job put me right back in a community I never thought I'd fit in again: West Six Run/Walk Club. I walked my favorite 3 mile route and then I sat in the brewery with my friends, making the rounds, talking about the shop and my job, and just being a part of a community that I miss so much.


Of course, this has renewed my desire to actually run again. I'm not sure exactly what I want that to look like, but I'm using this week just to get outside. I'm walking every day. I'm noticing what my body wants. I'm just being open and realistic and curious. That's all.

And yoga isn't going anywhere.


I sincerely can't thank you enough for your love and support and prayers and all the other good juju you have sent me over the past few months. It was one of those times where I didn't realize how unsettled I really was until everything fell into place. And that's what I feel already.

Things fell into place. I am taken care of. I am exactly where I should be.

And a big piece of exactly where I should be is teaching yoga.

Last week, my friend Miranda requested a series for her tush and I granted her wish. This week, my sweet Carrie requested a class for her awesome rack. And a class for shoulders and chest was the best I could offer.

I really like this sequence. It a little less vigorous. It is all about opening the shoulders and stretching all of the muscles that we have a tendency to hunch. I have practiced this sequence twice and I just really really like it. And the playlist is also one of my favorites so far.

There are two ways for you to take this class with me. I am teaching the class  at 6pm Friday evening at McTeggart Irish Dance Studio. And you can also buy the class in video format. You'll receive an email Friday morning with the link to the class that is yours FOREVER. The investment for either option is $10 and you can register here. This will be the last forever class - any class I put out from here on will have a 90 day cycle.

Yoga for Tuning In was my final project for my Curvy Yoga training and I LOVE IT. Six weeks. Six classes. All to get you in touch with you - your inner voice, your friendship with your body, your peace. It is on sale through Friday then I will remove it from the store.

So, is there any yoga class you'd like next? Any part of your body you want to relax? Any theme you'd like to me teach around? I'm open to ideas - and you'll get a shoutout here!