headed home.

I am blogging from the passenger seat somewhere in Illinois.  


I have spent the last 4 days hanging out with my nieces and my baby nephew. I have sang songs about chicken salad. I have laughed until I cried. I have a new appreciation for my family and my culture and my husband. 


We have made our own adventures, celebrated turning 2, enjoyed local liquid spirits, and stood in love as the littlest was sprinkled.  


I barely checked my email. I feel like I released the stress of my old job completely. I am recharged and am scheming for what is next.  

Thigs are exciting and fresh.

I'm glad to have you along. 


Yoga for Tuning In starts THIS SATURDAY! I have developed a lot of offerings in my time, but this is by far my favorite. This series was my final project for Curvy Yoga Teacher Training and it teaches how to form a real friendship with your body through movement. I'd love to have you along. 

6 weeks. 6 75-minute yoga practices on your own schedule (or in person in Lexington). $55. 

 Click the yoga tab up top or here for more info.