my phone browser

My brain is full. Hopes, dreams, schemes. Just full. I'm noticing the same about my technology. There are a zillion icons on my computer screen. My apps are a hot mess on my phone. There are a lot of links open in Safari on my phone.

With a clean house (thanks to Kon-Mari), a much more manageable inbox, and a nice yoga-fied body, I'm feeling the need to create space in more of my electronic space.


Today's purge is links open in my phone's browser. I want to have a record of these lovely thoughts. So I'm leaving them here. For you. For me. And then I'll clear my browser. 

I know it is getting ahead of my practice, but I want to watch this video on arm balances for bigger bodies.

I am in love with the thought of being bad at running.

These words about love. Just. Yes.  

You have the wrong body? Nope.

I am kinda obsessed with spying on morning routines.

 Selfies are good for the soul.

 Encouragement from my spirit guide.

What do you have in your inspiration folder? I'd love to build the collection in the comments!


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