yoga with ME!

Friends! FRIENDS! When this post goes live, I'll be starting my final module of Curvy Yoga Teacher Training. It seems like such a long time ago that I decided to become a yoga teacher. I remember feeling so unsure. I mean, I knew it was what I wanted to do, but I wasn't sure exactly what I would end up doing with my training. I thought maybe I'd just make it a part of my coaching. But instead, I'm facing unemployment in two weeks, and wondering if I can actually make yoga teaching a lucrative piece of my income. This just feels so bizarre. Incredibly exciting, but so surreal.

I have a yoga series coming up for early June, but for now, I'm opening two stand-alone classes for YOU!

"But Krissie!" you say, "I don't live in Lexington!"

Guess what. Not a problem.

For each class, you have two options:

  1. You can take the class with me in person. The class will be at McTeggart Dance Studio over on Landsdowne Drive (behind Hacienda).
  2. You can take the class online on your own time. You will receive a link to the class - good for unlimited viewings! - on the morning of the class.

Both options are $10. And both have perks. In person? You get to take the class live with me. Online? You can take the class as many times as you want. Make sense? Good!

Now, let me tell you about the classes.

On Friday, May 15, I will be teaching a class to celebrate  my completion of training. This class will be a celebration! Potential, hope, joy. I'm so looking forward to this class. As always, my classes are absolute beginner friendly. Click online or in-person to see more info.

Friday, May 22 is a class that I am so looking forward to teaching. This class will happen at the end of my last day at work. And what better way to calm my spirit than to do what I love? Teaching is my future. And I so look forward to teaching just 2 hours after I clear out my desk. Click online and inperson to register.

I really hope to see you - or that you will be able to see me on your screen!

I am so excited to be here, friends. And I am so excited to have you with me.