Curvy Beloved

I squealed when I opened my email yesterday. Anna and Vivienne are once again running an offering that changed the trajectory of my life.

 Curvy Beloved is open.

This course is a four week exploration of yoga and self-portraiture. And it taught me who I am.

I fell in love with yoga during CurvyBeloved last year. I gained a true appreciation for my body and started the process of amending my practice to meet my body instead of trying to change my body to improve my yoga practice.

CurvyBeloved goes so far beyond yoga poses and your iPhone. Anna and Vivenne have crafted a course that brought my body, my movement, and my camera into the same conversation. And that conversation brought a peace and a confidence beyond anything I had dreamed.

Curvy Beloved was the event that started the ball rolling. I applied to Curvy Yoga Teacher Training at the end of this experience. And there is an absolutely zero percent chance that I would have considered doing any sort of yoga teacher training before this project.

Curvy Beloved started the snowball on my new direction. Curvy Beloved changed my life.

And I had to tell you about it. (You can read more about my experience here.) Even though I recognize that you have limited financial resources and that I also try to sell you things. I may be shooting myself in the foot, but I cannot not sing the praises of CurvyBeloved. And you'll probably see me there.

I am so super excited about this series beginning June 6. Just like always, you can take the class in person with me if you are local OR you can get links to video classes in your email! This series teaches a connection between your body and your intuition. Over the six weeks, you will learn to move and breathe in response to your body's messages instead of trying to overpower your body and needs. This series is super lovely.

Also available are two stand-alone 75 minute classes - graduation and liberation classes.

You can find information about all of them by clicking the 'yoga' tab above. Or clicking