yoga for tuning in

I have created a lot of cool things in my life. I have written papers on subjects I loved for degrees. I have researched and created coaching offerings that bring joy and change to myself and my clients. But can I be honest with you all? 

This yoga series may be my proudest production. And I don't say that lightly. 

Yoga has taught me to understand my body. Yoga has taught me to to care for my body because she is me and I love her, not because I want to change her. Yoga has brought a connection and a wholeness to all of me that I didn't expect.

And I am excited to bring this to you. 

Yoga for Tuning In

Would you like to be better friends with your body? To know more about what she is trying to tell you? To feel like you and your body are part of the same team?


In this six week series, you will:

  • learn how to find the best expression of yoga poses for your body.
  • identify and respond to what your body is trying to tell you.
  • find joy and contentment from moving your body.

Vision. Breath. Voice. Mind. Gut. Heart.

In person:

Six Saturdays beginning June 6. 9-10:15am

Kentucky McTeggart Irish Dance Studio             3519 Landsdowne Drive Lexington, Ky

Space is limited at the KMID Studios

Click here to register for the in person series. 


Six Saturdays beginning June 6. Video link will be delivered to your email by 8am. The video is yours to practice whenever, wherever, and as often as you like. 

Click here to register for the online series. 

I have also added a permanent link to the stand-alone Graduation Yoga video. You can purchase it at any time now! 

And Liberation Yoga is Friday! This class will center around finding celebration and potential inside of fear.  You can learn more about the in person and online classes by clicking the yoga tab above.

Not sure about yoga with me? This is a review from of Graduation Yoga that graciously appeared in my Instagram feed last night. I am humbled and thankful.  Thank you so much Kate!


Just finished practicing with @krissiebentley's graduation class recording. It was an inviting, invigorating practice improved only by her compassionate approach to teaching. During this practice, centered on finding openness, I meditated on the fact that we are being of limitless potential, but of finite capacity. Where we place our focus, there goes our energy. The things with which we fill our lives take up space, preventing other things from finding room. While in savasana, Krissie encouraged us to focus on what we want more of in our lives and to make space for it. For me, this means a little emotional housekeeping is in order to make room within myself and life for more positivity and peace. Thank you, @krissiebentley, for that charge. - @thenestedblog