There is a time for everything. And I feel like I am in transition everywhere. Work. Professionally. Interpersonally. Everywhere.

And as much I am in the middle of the professional transition, I am starting to feel like I am moving out of this community transition I have been living in for a while.

For several years, I led a running community for women. And this was my identity. These people - and many, many more that were not in my corral that day - made up my daily life. I ran with someone 4-5 days a week. I rolled out my mat beside a group of someones weekly. My life was the pavement and these ladies (and a few dudes). That is what organically happened when my organization and my love of people and my joy of running came together. We came, we ran, we partied - as evidenced by blowing noise-makers at each of the mile markers through a half-marathon. (And HOW CUTE were our LexRunLadies SuperRunner shirts?!?)


But then I stopped running. And that meant, just by process of lacking a shared almost-daily habit, I stopped seeing my friends. There is a lot of regret there, but I have forgiven all of us - mostly myself - for that. We experienced life together through running. And no running = no running experience. It is just that easy.

And that was a grieving process. But that wasn't - and isn't - my only community. 

I love how my community has grown and broadened. The diversity and love within my community is just...huge.

I have a lovely set of friends that I met because of the internet. My best girl Miranda. The local ladies I originally connected with via Twitter. The BlogGirls (even though I'm the only one of us that blogs still - such a great story). The Johnstons. I love that I meet people, we have things in common, and then they become favorites in my phone, and sometimes even in massive group texts. Love, love, love.

My Curvy Yoga Teacher Training ladies just blow my mind. So supportive. So fun. We just clicked from moment one. I am not allowing myself to think about not having a built-in time for all of us to be together again after next week. I just can't even bear it.


I have been big-giant-bear-hugged into Nathan's dancing group. They are hilarious and genuine and so invested in each others' lives. And they take me in. Not as a spouse of a dancer, but as a part of the crew. It has been a long time since my house was this full of people and noise and love. I am so so thankful for this group of folks.


And I am looking forward to building this community. This picture is from the yoga class that I taught on New Year's Day. I look at it and I still shake my head in disbelief. This community is the next for me to build as a servant-leader. This community is the next place for me to build and allow them to build me. I am so so thankful for the opportunities that I have taken that have led me here - about to start my newest adventures as a yoga teacher.


I am not naive enough to necessarily that this is my last stop - that this community is the place I will stay forever and ever amen. But I feel at home in a way that I don't think I have before. I feel known. I feel understood. I feel like me.

*contented sigh*


I have opened a yoga class - both in person and online - for May 15th. This class will be a celebration of completing yoga teacher training! I'm already working on the playlist, have a sequence in my head, and spaces are already being snatched up! Click here so see more info on the class