Kon-Mari in my inbox

Last week, Cassie wrote about her Kon-Mari process (and gave me a lovely shout-out!) and we took the conversation to Twitter. And I totally laughed out loud when she sent me this tweet. 


Yes, indeed. Wouldn't it be fun to have a joyful inbox?  

I have used UnRollMe in the past, but I've kept subscribing to stuff. And my inbox has become heavy again. I delete more emails than I read. I started pruning my inbox by hand this time. I set my parameters and started in subscribing. I plan on going through with UnRollMe in about a week or so, but I'm finding that actually reading emails - instead of just the name of the list - is helping me be more decisive on what is necessary and brings me joy.

Once I started really examining what I receive by email, I realized how many shoulds bombard me.  I noticed how many wants show up here that I don't see anywhere else. My inbox is not at all aligned with how I want to feel.

So here are my rules. 

I am I subscribing from all running lists. 


I am not running. I want to run again someday, but I don't know when that day will be. And these emails? They just make me feel crappy about myself. So any email with a running theme gets an unsubscribe. Tracking, products, races. All gone. It feels like releasing a part of my identity, but I think it is about time.

I am unsubscribing from any list that sells a tangible product.  


This one was really hard for me. I have products that I LOVE. And sometimes these companies have sales. But for the next few months, we are on budget lockdown. So I have two justifications to unsubscribe. First, seeing things that I want and cannot buy will make me feel like crap and lead to a scarcity mindset. Also, if I do have spare money, I will be intentional on how I spend it. So if I decide I want to buy a new dress at New York & Company, I will make this decision a few days in advance. This will allow me to subscribe short-term and see if I receive a coupon. Not having these coupons at the ready will prevent impulse/justification purchases too.

I am only keeping coaches that genuinely bring a smile to my face when they show up in my inbox.


This list was by far the hardest to purge. I want to be supportive. I want to lean from others. I want to be a sponge. But, just like products, I'm finding myself in a space of wanting, wanting, wanting. And I can get caught up in a cycle of absorb-absorb-absorb to a point that I become frozen and overwhelmed and have a hard time producing. So I am saving only those that genuinely bring joy into my mailbox. Those people that I want to keep an eye on? I made a list in the back of my planner. I added their websites to my reader. I have more control over how I consume content that is interesting but not vital.

What am I missing? How can I prune even more? What tips do you have for me? 


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