I have written a decent amount about being intentional with what I keep. I only wear and house clothing and accessories that mean something to me. As I commuted to work the other day, I looked at my right hand and was inspired by what my accessories represent. So much so that I snapped a few pictures in the parking lot before going into the office.


I have a thing for circles right now. I don't really know why.  This ring was my first piece. Nathan and I were at a local art fair last summer. I picked this up and he said, "you need that." I was struck because he rarely expresses an opinion on clothing or accessories that I pick up. But it didn't really fit anywhere and it was the only one. I stuck it on my finger here to show that it didn't fit, and it felt like this was where it belonged. So it came home with me. It reminds me of home and Nathan and beauty in simplicity.


These rings were a Christmas present from Nathan. I had eyed them in a jewelry store in Asheville. I have had them for years but just recently started wearing them again. They hold great symbolism for me. I think of the rings as representative of different layers of support and love in my life. The one closest to my heart is my little family - three little peas representing me and Nathan and the baby we lost almost 5 years ago. The middle ring represents those that truly know and love me. My family. My friends. Those that know my name and my dreams and would sit down with coffee with me. The outside ring has lots of peas in the pod. And that is where  most  you are. This is the greater community that I am a part of. My social media friends. My blog readers. The people that inspire me that I have never met. I love the thought of carrying the love and support of all of these people with me. And I am in a space of needing this reminder again. So my stacking pea rings came back out.


I choose my bracelets energetically every day. I don't worry about what matches, I think about what I need to feel. My cross bracelet never comes off. I haven't taken it off since I bought it over a year ago. It is part of me. 

The lotus bracelet is a reminder of growth and change. This stage isn't forever. I am feeding and protecting and waiting for things to bloom. I am in the mud and the rain right now. But there will be a flower. That is just a matter of time.

The beads are actually one bracelet. I bought it in Nashville when I attended Curve Camp last summer. It reminds me of the trip and the labyrinth and the true connections I made there. But it also makes me giggle because it broke in yoga class one night and we had to chase the beads around the floor. And then I gathered the beads in an envelope, bought some stretchy string, and put it back together as good as new. Nashville. Connection. Destruction. Putting back together. Resilience.  


Yes. All of that on one arm. Is it any surprise that some days I feel invincible?

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