coloring is my prayer.

I am having a hard time with prayer right now. I am finding a lot of comfort in the scripted prayers we recite in church. I'm able to shout out one or two sentence gratitudes and requests. I recite my hand prayer series several times throughout the day. But the old school pray it out prayers that I grew up on and connect with? Yeah. That isn't happening. 

So much is undefined right now. And when I try to pray about it? I get shut down.

This is not your concern. I've got this

Although this communication is hugely comforting, I also feel a disconnection. And I don't like that.

Enter my labriynth coloring book. And messages loud and clear. 


I don't have to have a plan.

I can figure it out when I turn the corner.

It is okay to repeat. 


It is okay to change your mind.  

You don't have to look, you just have to respond. 


You don't have all the answers.  

Let others show you for a change


You aren't who you were. You aren't who you will be. You are in between right now. And that is more than okay - it is perfect.


You will reach where you were going. It won't be perfect, but it will be beautiful. And, eventually, you will turn the page and start over again.

Again and again and again. 

a few things going on...

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