determination. grace. joy

Five years and two days ago, we ran our first half marathon. It was incredibly miserable weather. I remember wanting to quit so many times, but Nathan wouldn't let me. It is one of the only races we have ever ran together. He knew I didn't need to be alone.

My running career has been super topsy turvy. I ran a zillion halfs and a full marathon. I ran 9 rural miles in the crazy fog at 2am, complete with hallucinations.

I did a lot of hard things. With determination and grace and joy.

That is what I'm remembering about running today. As my heart aches a little that I wasn't at the half-marathon on Saturday. As my heart aches a little at the friendships that have fell to the side. As my heart misses the girl in this picture.

But still. Determination. Grace. Joy. They are mine for the taking.

What if coaching isn't really for me?

What if coaching doesn't help me at all?

What if I work with a coach and nothing changes?

I have a different question for you...What if it does?

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