what we really need.

We have lived in our house for over 7 years.

A tall, skinny, small-ish house. And it suits us.

Our old house? It was just too much. It was too big. Too cumbersome. Too heavy. Too full of stuff. Just too much. But it was beautiful and grand and we loved it. It just wasn't necessary.


I was so afraid I would miss the house. That I would regret giving it up.

I remember one of the first walks we took around our new neighborhood. The development behind our house is full of big houses with big yards. It is full of newer versions of our old house. "You know," I said to Nathan, "I'm glad we know that we don't want this. We've had the big house and the big yard and we know that it isn't for us. We know we that really need so much less. We don't have to work toward bigger and more because we just don't need it to be happy."

We know that we really need so much less.

Too much just isn't necessary. We've proven that through our purge.

I'm facing less. I'm facing downsizing. I'm facing the unknown. I'm facing the need vs. want decisions.

I am really hoping that in a few months, I'll look back and say that all of these decisions suit us.

More doesn't make us happier. We need so much less.


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