summer shoes.

Earlier this week, I checked the weather forecast before I left for work and was super excited that I could wear my favorite summer shoes. 

It is amusing how I attach to articles of clothing. I already told you about my security scarf and the process of allowing it to transition out of my day. And I didn't expect the feelings of freedom that would accompany my Birkenstocks. 


I bought these last summer. I wanted something with support, a grown-up flip flop. And they carried me through a season of self-discovery.

Last summer, I fell in love with yoga. My teachers became my friends. I allowed old dreams to float away and make space for new ones. I fell in love with a labyrinth. I filled up a journal, almost 2. I got lost walking around Nashville on a super hot day. Last summer, I found my voice and my bravery. In really big ways and really small ways.

Last summer was a game-changer. It didn't feel like it, though. It felt natural and organic and easy.  


These shoes feel strange. 

After a season in boots, I became comfortable with being held, surrounded, protected. My feet have been warm and dry and hidden.  Secure. Safe.

I feel vulnerable in my summer shoes. What if I have to walk through brush? What if it storms? What if my feet get cold? 

At the same time, though, I feel liberated. Excited. Like I'm taking a big exhale without the confinement I've gotten used to. 


The game is changing again. I want to be brave, graceful, focused. This season doesn't have the same sense of ease, but that doesn't mean that I am any different or that I will carry myself differently. 

Welcome, summer shoes. I hope you're ready. 

What if coaching isn't really for me?

What if coaching doesn't help me at all?

What if I work with a coach and nothing changes?

I have a different question for you...What if it does?

Welcome to the Spring Sessions.

We will work together for 10 days. We will have a 30-minute session (via phone, Skype, for Facetime) on Day 1. We will have three text message or email checkins. And then we will wrap things up another 30-minute session on Day 10. The investment is $39 (which is a total steal...two sessions and a week of check ins for the cost of one session).

What will we work on? That is completely up to you. Do you want to establish a self-care ritual? Do you want to grow a practice you are dabbling in? Do you want to be more authentic in a specific relationship? You know the pull that you are feeling. We can work on that.

We will lay the groundwork for change, experiment with ways to implement it, review progress, and make a plan for going forward.

Bing bang boom. You get my problem-solving best. You make a commitment to focus and give your best for just 10 days. We get to know each other and plant some seeds for personal growth.

I can't think of a better way kick off this spring.

Next steps: I will email you within 24 hours of signing up. We will schedule both sessions at that time. Session 1 must be scheduled on or before April 22.